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January 29, 2016

IBPS PO Interview Experience - Dheeraj (Hyderabad)

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Hello Gr8 family. I've been following this website for past 1 year and when i started preparing for banking exams, has been immense help.
I'm here to share my IBPS PO V interview experience.


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Venue  : Andhra Apex College, Gachibowli, Hyderabad.

Date  : 29/01/16

Panel  : VII

Time  : 8 30 AM

Category  : General

Part 1 : I reached the venue by 8 20am and we were all called to seminar hall where we asked to recheck all the documents and get ready for Bio metric verification. One person's bio metric wasn’t verified so they asked him to wash his hands twice and come.
By then my name was called and my biometric verification was done smoothly.
Later we were asked to move to another building where document verification and interviews were happening.
Although i gave them Birth certificate as proof, they insisted on 10th and 12th marks sheet too... thankfully i carried those  too and i gave them that and document part too was done smoothly.
Now the toughest part, INTERVIEW!!

Part 2 :

I was 14th in the list. Interviews were happening for around 10-15min.
Bell rang and my turn came around 11 45am.

ME : Knock Knock. May i come in sir ?
Sir : Come in.

4 members were. 1 Female and 3 Males. All middle aged.

ME : Good mrng mam and good mrng sirs.
M1 : Please Take your seat.
ME : Thank you panel.

M1 : So you're Dheeraj.. (He was trying hard to pronounce my surname, so i helped him with that.)
M1 : Where are you from?
ME : I was born and brought in Hyderabad only sir.
M1 : Some elections are going to happen and some campaigns are going on.. what is that?
ME : Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections Sir.
M1 : What is special about it?
ME : Sir this is the 1st time that we're having GHMC elections after the Telangana state formation.
M1 : Yes yes. So whom do we elect in this elections?
ME : We will be electing Corporators  sir.
M1 : Hmm.. when is the election?
ME : Feb 2nd.
M1 : So what about mayor? Do we select him too?
ME : No sir. All the corporators whom we elect and the ex officio members will elect the Mayor.
M1 : So you have the basic knowledge. Good.
ME : Thank you sir.
M1 : You have given 23 banks as preference and Andhra Bank is your 1st preference. What if we give you some 15th pref bank, will you go?
ME : Yea sir. I will work anywhere.
M1 : Say some Oriental Bank of Commerce in Manipur. Will you go?
ME : Yes sir. I'm willing to relocate anywhere. I'm from hyd but i have done my graduation from tamilnadu. I'm adaptable in nature. I can relocate anywhere sir.
M1 : Good. So tell me what do you know about EXIM?
ME : Sir EXIM is Export-Import Bank of India. It helps to enhance our imports and exports.
M1 : How?
ME : Sir, it gives credit facilities and loans to their customers. And also it helps in locating the distributors abroad and their products and services and explained the functions.
M1 : Ok. So how is it different from ECGC?
ME : Sir ECGC is another institution. It stands for Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Limited. This institution doesn't offer credit but insures our exports.
M1 : Why to insure exports?
ME : Sir if there is any economical instability or if any natural disaster comes and so that we don’t go into loss. ECGC provides insurance for our export.
M1 : Very good.

Baton passed to next sir.
M2 : So dheeraj, what are your hobbies?
ME : I have been volunteering for 6 different NGOs sir from past 8 years. This is my favourite pastime.
M2 : What kind of NGOs are those?
ME : Anything sir. All the NGOs work for the betterment of our society. We do to blood donations, animal adoption drives.. we go to orphanages, old age homes..
M2 : What do you do at old age homes?
ME : We spend time with them sir. We make them feel comfortable. We give them emotional confidence that we are there to take care of them. Celebrate small small occasions with them.
M2 : What are the NGOs you're part of? Any big ones?
ME : No sir. I', volunteering for 5 NGOs in hyd and i used to volunteer for 1 more NGO in tamilnadu when i was doing graduation.
M2 : What NGO is that?
ME : Told him the name of the NGO and said that we, a group of university students started it.
M2 : He seem impressed. 

Now M3!
M3 : Good dheeraj. Lets come to banking. What do you know about SLR and CRR?
ME : Gave him the basic definitions and told about the differences.
M3 : Present rates?
ME : Told.
M3 : What if the % is more?
ME : Then banks have to reserve more in their chests. So less liquidity in market.
M3 : OK that is fine but what is the purpose of those reserves?
ME : I told him to control things like inflation and all.
(Here, i forgot that basic purpose of CRR and SLR were actually to regulate the credit growth of the bank)  

Finally the lady. All this time she was just observing me. I think she is from HR. 
Lady : Tell me about your family dheeraj.
Me : Told by adding Mr and Mrs before my parents names.
and the lady seemed happy like she was just expecting that.
Lady : What about siblings?
ME : No siblings mam. I'm the only son.

Finally they said Ok good. Interview is done and thank you.
I wished them thank you panel and starting walking out of the room with a smile.  

And the toughest part is over now. Although there were many questions, all were simple ones and the whole interview was about 9-11 min. 
I'm surprised that they didn't even ask me the basic question. "Why banking after doing B.Tech?"  :P :D 
I'm confident. But let’s see what happens now. Waiting for the scores and final result now.
Fingers crossed. All the best everyone.  
Thank you. 

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