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December 03, 2015

UIIC Assistants Interview Experience - Prabhakar

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Name : Prabhakar

Place : Madurai, Tamilnadu

Date : Nov 30, 2015

Time : 10.00 AM

I reached the Venue at 9.00AM and the certification started at 9.30Am and then called for Interview, My name is in 3rd.. After completing my Interview I did the Computer Proficiency Test..

In the Panel there are  3members, No Female.

Me: Entered the room, May I Come in Sir
M2: S Come in

Me: Then I wished all and requested to take the seat

M2: Y U R choosing ur 1st option of Posting as coimbatore
Me: Answered

M2: Tell me about your self
Me: Answered

m2: U done ur Graduation in 2013what did u do for these years?
Me: Studying for Bank exams  sir

M2: what r the Exams U cleared?
Me: answered

M2: What are questions asked in RRB Assistant?
Me:  Answered briefly

M2: What is GDP? and Curent GDP?
me: Answered

m2: what is CPI? and what is the Diference between Blackmoney and Plastic money?
Me: answered
Now M3 turn
M3: Do u read newspaper?
me: s sir

m3: asked about the Paris summit
Then Gk Questions asked
Who s the CM of Odisha, Punjab, Mizoram?
then Minister of State for minority affairs, Finance, Parliamentary affairs
Who is the Lion of Punjab?
What is the celebration held on Nov 26?
Me: answered briefly About Contitution day and national Milk Day

M3: then who s the drafting chairman and his highest award?
Me: Answerd

Next Turn to M1
M1: Who is the supreme commander of Armed forced
Me: President sir

M1: Right to Property is a Fundamental right?
Me: explained clearly

M1: what are the Fundamental rights do you know about?
Me: Answered 3 or 4 rights

M1: First women on Space, First Women of Supreme court Judge?
Me: answerd the judge nameWomen on Space name

M1: Asked about the meaning of my Name
Me: answered

M3: How much You Scored in Wrritten exam as You expected?
Me: Answered
 and members Finally said thank you You can go..
 That s all Friends. Overall my interview went for 15 to 20minutes..

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