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December 03, 2015

UIIC Assistants Interview Experience 2015

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Name - G!t@ Gy@n

Date - 01-12-15

Venue - Lucknow (UP)

After Document verification and CPT I called for interview..(In CPT word para was easy but in Excel, table was lengthy..Merging of cells and text wrapping also need. kaise bhi kiya 15 minutes me..)


I ask to come in they warm welcomed me and say come in with smile..after that I greeted All M1,M2,F1( 2 Sirs, 1 Mam) they told me for take seat with smiling. Now the interview started.(All interview was in Hindi. )

F1- What's your Father do?(also asked little detail about my Father's Department)


M1(Little rude.. I think in every panel 1 member pretend to little rude that u start arguing but don't go in too much detail and argument like condition.Be simple and honest.)

So you done Bsc in Medical laboratory why you want to came here?

Me- For government job as in my field there are no scope for carrier growth and jobs in government sector.

He seems me satisfied but again he start saying that ok but u can do Msc. and then PHD for further research field and became a Lecturer or Proff.( Isi bich baki 2 members unhe intervene krne ki kosis krte h)

Me- Yes sir I agree but in my field or if i do Msc in my specialty it becomes too expensive that's y I can't afford it. 

Now he looks satisfied.

then M2- Do u travel anywhere?

Me- answered.

M2 again- What is the old name of Lucknow?(I was happy with M2 ki chalo kch to relief mila :D)

Me- answered.

F1-So what do u think about our company's work? What we do?

Me- Replied and I also tell insurance products provided by UIIC.

F1 again- What is Insurance?can you elaborate?

Me-I answered.(M1 says Very good..o-O maine socha inhe kya hua abtk to presan kr rkha tha muje.. :D)

M1- What is the capital of Pondicherry ?

Me-Answered that capital is also Pondicherry.

M2-Asked me about name related celebrity?

Me- answered.

Now M1 asked both members to anything more to ask? they say no and say me to u can go now and smile. I thank to everyone and say have a gud day. they says same to u.

So that's the interview....over.

Conclusion - Panel was supportive and friendly.. Be bold, Calm and confident. All the best friends.

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