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April 18, 2019

My Strategy to clear SBI PO - Aakash Arora

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Hi friends This is Aakash Arora again. Today I want to share my strategy how I did my preparation for bank exam as many of the aspirants asking me regarding my strategy.
My  strategy was like that:
On Monday I did two subject like Math and English
On Tuesday I did  Reasoning and Computer or Marketing.

Strategy and sites for every section:
General Knowledge:

I follow gk daily from various sites.

I made my gk strong because gk is the only subject where you can score maximum marks in mimimum time. So its my request to all banking aspirants to focus more on GK daily.

IBPS PO Arihant book is good book for this book there are practice set for each section. I practiced a lot to make my grip on every section.

For math ,Quantative Aptitude by M tyra is good book.Shortcut are provided in this book.friends practiced a lot only then can you can make strong grip on math.
Don't need to do all can select some chapter according to your choice.i also choose some chapter and make my grip only on those chapter.i did the following chapter
  1. Data Interpretation
  2. Series
  3. Quardatic type question
  4. Simple interest,compund interest
  5. Speed boat,Pipe and cistern
  6. Work and distance
For Computer,
Computer knowledge by Lucent is good book. In this book theory as well as mcq type ques are given.Quiz provided by is also helpful.

For Banking related study material,
Ihad a book Banking Awareness by Arihant. I found this book very helpful to me.Material provided by is also very good. I follow this as well as some more sites and a book.

1.Marketing aptitude by Lucent is good book.
2.Marketing one liners by arihant

Some sites are: material and mcq) material asa well as mcq ques) set mcq type)

For English,
Daily read a newspaper for almost 1- 2 hours. I read newspaper daily. initially you will find it boring but as you will read it daily you will find it more pleasing as I did.I was also weak in english and gk.I practiced lot on english and gk and make these subject strong.
As I belong to haryana,i read
The Tribune newspaper
Newspaper reading will improve your English as well as your gk.
I also read unseen passage.I did everything.practiced error sentence,cloze test,fill in the blanks.

That all my stratedy and study material that I follow to achieve this position.

Friends you have to practice every subject. Don't missed any of the subject.i practiced day and night of these various subjects.

I used one magazine:
BSC (banking chronicle services)
This is very good magazine.i used this magazine and find it very helpful.

As I told you that I studied 2 subject daily means 16 hours for 2 subject ,you can imagine how much practiced on every subject.

Hope it will help can follow the same.
Aakash Arora
Probationary Officer, SBI

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