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December 04, 2015

Bank Exams Written Test Clear Strategy - Aakash Arora

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Hi friends this is Aakash Arora again. Today I am going to share my approach to start the exam. Hope my this strategy will help you.

I started my every exam with gk section as this section is very less time take hardly 7-8 min to complete this section.Attempt only those question in which you are can take risk only in those question in which you have left with two alternative.

After GK i attempted computer take hardly 4-5 minutes to do computer.

After computer ,it comes English.I gave 25 min for english. in unseen passage , i attempted only antonym synonym. After that error sentence,fill in the blanks,cloze thing keep in mind dont attempt all have to sure about your means you have to practiced a lot in English.

After that, i started math, I usually gave 40 min for that. start with those question i which you are fully i was strong in DI,SERIES,qUARDTIC EQUATION ques i attempted these question.after that profit loss,simple interest,compound interest.friends you have to practiced alot.i have strong grip on every topic.

At last ,i left with reasoning,i usually gave 30-35 min for selective in your attempt.dont waste your time on those question in which you are not sure.i was strong in syllogism ,input output,data inequality,coding decoding,blood relationship,direction test.i was not sure about the in PO exam i never attempted any clerk exam you can attempt puzzles.

So finally my time table in every exam :
  • GK -7-8 min
  • Computer - 4-5 min
  • English - 25 min
  • Math - 35-40 min
  • Reasoning - 30-35 min
I am damn sure if you would use this strategy definitely you would not miss any of your exam.but one thing keep in mind you have to practiced a lot as i did.

That all my strategy.hope it will help you.

Aakash Arora
Probationary Officer, SBI

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