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December 04, 2015

UIIC interview experience - Nitesh

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Name - Nitesh

Place - Bhubaneswar, Odisha

time - 2 PM

I reached at venue before time. Done with my document verification.

1st was CPT test  - write a passage in word..u have to write the same as mention in sheet..jst look at the sheet and type. Headline is in bold so u hav to write it in bold.make sure about typing . incorrect typing leads u - be mark.sir told that if there r above 10 mistake in ur typing then it leads to ur disqualification.

After word typing, nxt is ms excel.

U hav to type all the data in excel frm the sheet which is provided to u.calculate the sum and put that in a table and save and print and submit.

This is all about cpt test.

At interview 3 member panel...all r cooperative
Told me to give my intro, break from middle,
  1. Why my city is world famous?
    • Answered
  2. Cultural minister of my state?
    • Answered
  3. Why there is 3 yr gap? Wat u do in between these yrs.
    • Answered
  4. Since I m frm ECE background, asked what is optical fiber?
    • Answered
  5. What is FM( frequency modulation)?
    • Answered
  6. How data or signal transmit?
    1. Answered
  7. When first 14 bank nationalised?
    • Answered
  8. Who was the prime minister at that time?
    • couldnt able to answer
  9. What is dead sea?
    • they answered
  10. PFRDA fullform
    • answered
  11. Irda fullform and headquarter?
    • Answered
  12. States neighbouring to Bhutan?
    • Answered
  13. Is visa required to go Bhutan?
    • fumbled
  14. Asked about a desert name in India?
    • Answered
  15. If we posted u posted away frm ur hometown, will u join?
    • i smile and agreed
  16. What is the role of insurance assistant?
    • Answered
That's it...interview was quite good...few question I m nt able to answer...but answered most f question....

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