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November 24, 2015

Reasoning : Seating Arrangement Practice Questions with Explanations

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Hi friends, I am Shravan again. Here I am sharing Seating Arrangement Practice Questions of Reasoning. Happy Reading :)

Directions (Q.1-5) : Study the following information to answer the given questions. 

Seven friends, viz Manjit, Naveen, Parul, Hitesh, Tarun, Raghu and Sahil, are pursuing their PhD in different subjects Maths, History , Political Science, Chemistry , Economic, Accounts and Geography , but not necessarily in the same order . They study in three different universities, viz P, Q and S.At least two friends study in the same university. Hitesh is studying Political Science in university P. The one who is studying History is not from university S. Sahil is studying Geography in university Q with only Naveen. Manjit is not studying Economics and is not from university P. Raghu is studying Accounts and is not from university P. Tarun is studying Chemistry but not from university P. No one studies Maths or Economics in university P. 

1. Which of the following represents the group that studies in university S ?
  1. Hitesh, Naveen 
  2. Parul, Raghu, Tarun 
  3. Manjit, Tarun 
  4. Tarun, Raghu, Manjit
  5. None of these 
2. Parul is studying in which of the following universities ? 
  1. Can't be determined 
  2. None of these 
3. Which of the following combinations is true ? 
  1. Mani it-Economics-university S 
  2. Naveen-History-university Q 
  3. Parul-History-university S 
  4. Tarun-Chemistry-university Q 
  5. None of these 
4. Naveen studies which subject in PhD ? 
  1. History 
  2. Maths 
  3. Economics 
  4. Can't be determined 
  5. None of these 
5. Who among the following is studying History in PhD ? 
  1. Naveen
  2. Parul 
  3. Raghu 
  4. Manjit 
  5. None of these 
Directions (Q.6- 11): Read the following information carefully and answer the given questions. 

Eight friends Aman, Bharat, Ro-hit, Dinesh, Ishant, Farhan, Aditya and Hirender are sitting around a circular table, facing the centre but not necessarily in the same order . Each of them has a different designation, viz Banker, Teacher, Company MD, Politician, Corporate Leader , General Manager, Specialist Officer and CEO. Aman sits third to the right of the CEO. Only two people sit between the CEO and Hirender. The Specialist Of ficer and the Company MD are immediate neighbours. Neither Aman nor Hirender is either a Specialist Officer or a Company MD. T-he Specialist Officer is not an immediate neighbour of the CEO. The Banker sits second to the left of Ishant. Ishant is not an immediate neighbour of Hirender. The Banker is an immediate neighbour of both the Politician and the Corporate Leader . The Corporate Leader sits third to the right of Bharat. Bharat is not a Specialist Officer. Rohit sits on the immediate right of the Teacher. Aman is not a Teacher. Farhan is not an immediate neighbour of Aman. Aditya is not an immediate neighbor of the Banker.

6. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on the given arrangement and thus form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group ? 
  1. Farhan — Teacher 
  2. Aditya — General Manager 
  3. Dinesh — Banker 
  4. Aman — Corporate Leader 
  5. Bharat — CEO 
7. Who amongst the following sits third to the left of Ishant? 
  1. Banker 
  2. Aditya 
  3. Aman 
  4. Corporate Leader 
  5. Bharat 
8. Who among the following is a General Manager ?
  1. Aman 
  2. Rohit 
  3. Hirender 
  4. Aditya 
  5. Dinesh 
9. What is the profession of Bharat ? 
  1. Teacher 
  2. Banker 
  3. Company MD 
  4. Specialist Officer 
  5. Corporate Leader 
10. Who among the following is a Politician ? 
  1. Rohit 
  2. Farhan 
  3. Aditya 
  4. Hirender 
  5. Aman 
11. Which of the following is true with respect to the given seating arrangement ? 
  1. The Politician is an immediate neighbour of the Specialist Officer. 
  2. Aditya sits second to the right of Dinesh. 
  3. The Politician and the Com-pany MD are immediate neighbours. 
  4. The Teacher sits on the immediate left of the CEO 
  5. None of these 

Key with Solutions

Solutions for Questions 1 to 5

Political Science

Key :
  • 1 - 4
  • 2 - 1
  • 3 - 5
  • 4 - 3
  • 5 - 2
Solutions for Questions 6 to 11
Key :
  • 6 - 5
  • 7 - 4
  • 8 - 1
  • 9 - 3
  • 10 - 2
  • 11 - 4
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