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November 21, 2015

Interview experience of RRB Officer Scale -1

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Discuss name - ARYAN (BP WALA)

Venue - Aryan college , Ajmer (Rajasthan)

Time - 8.30 A.M

Document verification were completed around 12.30 noon. Mean while they told us to write a small note about any topic in language which we choose while filling the form.
My interview Started around 1 p.m .There were five senior official were sitting with Mam . I wished them good afternoon and they told me to take a seat and sit down.

Now so called grilling action started .
1. First question was same as i expected - Tell me about yourself
Ans . I answered confidently
2.What are Your hobbies Young man (most senior 1 asked)
Ans.Sir i love cooking , face reading , doing research about international politics(this one i said knowingly)
3 . Next question was who is the most powerful political person in this world As per times rating
Ans I said sir president of russia Vlamadir Putin (easy 1)
4. Few days back a attack happen in france tell me how many people died their and how many terrorist involved in that
Ans (AS Ball was in my court it was time for me to smash like Djovokich) Sir attack was done by IS . This attack was almost like the mumbai attack that few years back happen in INDIA.Sadly approx 128 people died there.
5 How many terrorist involved in that
Ans Sir it was 8. few of them wearing suicide belt
6.Did france responsed back
Ans yes sir they responded back strongly . just a 1 day before In an encounter they killed 6 Terrorists who were some how involved in that.
7.Than another 1 got excited ok so you told us you like reading about international politics so Now I am going to ask some tough ones
Ans I smiled and responded sir I will try my best
8. He asked recently obama visited cuba what was reason behind that
Ans .(Now i was feeling like Rafal Nadal who is going to tear down the opponent). Sir reason was the missile crisis that happend between Soviet union and Usa . At that time cuba was with soviets . So relations between Cuba and USA was not good from that time. Now Cuba invited Obama and John carry to make their relation better.
(* All of said in a same tone good)
9.Next few questions was about Sudan and Somalia
Ans . I explained them in a brief.( Remark was good)
10.A finance official sitting in between them asked what is the difference between fixed rate of interest and floating rate of interest. (Easy 1)
Ans.. Explained the full concept in detail ( Remark was good)
11.Again that finance guy asked what is Direct and indirect agriculture credit.
Ans I confidently say sorry sir i dont know.(He smiled like he got win )
 12. Most senior 1 asked Beta g ya electricity kaisa banata ha (easy 1)
Ans I said sir 1. thermal 2. nuclear .3.Solar 4 hydro 4.wind
 He said bata aj kal LPG sa bhi banti ha . I replied sorry sir i dont know about that . He said ok.
13.Finally lady official asked What is the name of border between INDIA and China (most easiest 1)
Ans Mam it is Macmohan line made by a britisher on a map but china refused to consider that .
They consider Arunachal as a south tibbet .Even few years back they were also claiming for sikkim
(Remark - ALL of them said good )
 Senior official said now You can go . I said thank you to all .... when I was about to open the gate One of the official said your formal suit is nice and you are looking good in it(:p investment paid off)
 I smiled and said THANK U SIR.

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