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November 21, 2015

Interview Experience of IT Officer Scale 2 - Praveen Kumar

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Name : Praveen Kumar

Post : IT Officer Scale 2 [Less Technical More Banking]

Venue : PNB Institute of Technlogy Lucknow

Date of Interview : 19/09/2015 8:30 AM ( Interview stated at 1:00 PM)

There were 5 members in panel including one female member. After entering in Board Room, chairman asked me sit down Praveen.

Chairaman : Tell Me about yourself.

Me: I wished [Good Afternoon Mam, Good Afternoon Sir ]and  started to describe about me including family details.

Chairman :Chairman  interrupted me and and asked to tell only education details about job profile . Why you left job. [ I left job (HCL Infosystems Limited ]   in Jan 2015 ]What you have studied and asked about ATM functioning in technological aspects (ATM Data storage, Topology used in ATM), Difference between Credit Card and Debit Card , Use of Magnetic Stip in Credit Card .

Me: I answerd all quesries .Chairman sir looked satisfied.

Board Member 2:  Asked me which newsnewspaper do you read and tell me some imp news of this week. Describe GDP,GNP.

Me:  Amarujala and some time  business standard and The hindu by mobile only. I told only about financial news (Mr. Raghuram  Rajan Sir  is newly appointed Vice Chairman of BIS, Mr. Sudheer Gokaran Sir is new executive director of IMP , RBI Strike , 7th pay Commision recommendation [they asked whether it will be applicable to banking sector or not , I replied no Sir , Bank only  follows Bi Parite Settlement ) . I described about GDP and GNP also.

Board Member 3: You are from Bahriach right .tell me  Lead bank of Bahriach and gramin bank also. Asked me one famous type of rice grown only in your region, river of you area , and do you know Kartania Ghat (Forest Reserve for Crocodial )

Me: Sir , Lead bank is Allahabad bank and gramin bank is Allahabad Up Gramin Bank. [ He asked when there is Allahabad bank what is need of Allahabad UP Gramin Bank ] . I described about difference between commercial bank and Rural bank. About rice type, I told sir I have no idea. Rives is Ghaghra. And told about Kartania ghat but in short only due to limted knowledge.

Bord Member 4: Again asked what is difference between Commercial Bank and Rural Bank. And Passed to Female Member.

Me : I described in details.

Board Member 5(Female Member ) : Tell me Parallel Banking  and ur hobbies
Me: I simply told Mam , Presently not able to recall parallel  banking , In hobbies , I told that I like to surf online shopping websites.[She asked how it will be useful to banking sector. ] I told but she was not so much impressed.

After that they told , Thank you Praveen. I thanked them and come outside.[ They asked Some more questions asked , but presently  not able to recall ]

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