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November 26, 2015

Interview Experience of IBPS RRB IV Office Assistants - Ajanya

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NAME : Ajanya



PANEL : VI    

TIME : 8:30 AM

Reached the venue at 7:30 and document verification started at 8:30.They gave us a white paper and asked to write any topic of 10 lines in local language which we have filled in application.The verifier officers are very friendly.
My turn came at 11:15. I enterd the room and wished them individually.
There were 5 mem in the panel,1 female and 4 male.They asked me to the game of interview started

M3: Oh Miss Ajanya..please sit down.
Me: Thank you sir
M3:ok tell me about ur father and ur mother?
Me: My father is an exservice man and mother is a homemaker..den
Fem: Then u travelled so many places with ur father:
Me:Yes mam..(ok good)
M2:2015 passed out..very good and in which college u completed ur graduation?
M2:Where it is and who is the chairman of ur college?
M3: What is the importance of your village?
Me: I told them about the importance which I had studied in 7th standard.
M1:What is the bandwidth because i am an ece graduate.
Me:told (Remark good)
M1:what is your hobbies?
Me:books reading and he asked me about books written by abdul kalam...told him
Fem:Any siblings?
Me:Yes mam, elder sister who got married and my young brother studying 8th standard
M2: What is your brother-in-law?
Me: Told
M4: Which crops are famous in ur region?
M3: If u are seated in conuter then a customer comes and asks u what i have to do for opening an aoount then u said to him bring that doc this doc..he doesn't understands you..u have patience to make understand him about the documents/?
Me: Yes sir,obviously that is my duty.I have to be more patience when i sits in the counter because dat is my responsibilty..(satisfied with my answer)
M2: Atlast if u are posted in a rural area if ur father allows you to go?
Me: Yes sir..
Ok Ajanya All the best
I said thank you sir and have a nice day...........totally my interview goes on 7-10min..the panel members are very guyzz dont be afraid and say what you know.They have checkeing our local language proficiency..thats all

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