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November 23, 2015

Today's IBPS RRB IV Office Assistant Interview experience - Aparna

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Name : Aparna Chouhan

Interview date : 23-11-2015

Place : Nallakunta

Panel : 2

Time : 8:30 AM

           Hello frnzzz...!! here 'm sharing my interview experience.I hope it ll be helpful for d ppl who r preparing for RRB's.

           I reached at 8:15 Am. After 10-15mins certificate verification started. I was praying god dat i shudnt b d frst one in panel 2. One of d officials came n started taking attendance. Guess what????? he called my name first :( I knw things ll go opp to me always :P LOL!!! & during the verification that official was lyk " It seems u hv cmpltd ua graduation recently ryt?? den y don't u go for PG ??". I jzz smiled at him n back to my place.

             After verification of certificates they gave us A4 sheets and newspapers of the languages vch v hv mentioned in online application form. So i got 3 newspapers (English, Hindi & Telugu). We wrote one one paragraph from each language of newspaper.

              After 20-30mins they called us for interview. As i said 'm d 1st person to enter into the room. So i waited for the bell to ring. After 5mins it rang. I knocked the door n asked the permission to get into the room.

              There were 5 members in the room 4 male n 1 female. I wished them and the interview started.

M1: So Aparna???
Me: yes sir.,
M1: where r u from?
Me: told
M1: u hv recently finished ua btech ryt???
Me: yes sir.
M1: Stream??
Me: told
M1: Then y banking??? and Y do u want to do job this early??
Me: told  ( I prepared for this question :P :P and he was d 2nd prsn who askd me the same que)
M2: Asked me about my technical subjects and how telecommunication is related to banking?
Me: Answered
M3(Female): asked me to tell about my home town in local language telugu
Me: Answered bt used too many english words
M1: can u tell all this in telugu?
Me: I tried bt not perfect
M3: How wud u feel and how wud u maintain if we appoint u  in rural bank?
Me: Told
M4: explain in telugu
Me: Tried
M1: (again) i wana listen your using too many english words.....(pause)
M3: let her
Me: told
M4: Gave a telugu paper and asked me to read ( Actually he got a doubt dat 'm            not a local person so he gave me news paper)
Me: Read
M1,M2: Smiled and said thank you :)
Me: smiled and vshd them to hav a gud day :) and left d room :)

So guysssss plzzzz b prfct wid ua local language :) Actually one of the members asked me to talk in telugu (local language) around 7 times :(

If they consider my local language 'm sure i ll not get diz job..if not i ll get :) ;)

But 'm not satisfied wid my performance in local language. This z d nly rsn 'm sharing my experience and let u ppl to knw that proficiency in local language z must for RRB's :)

Thank you and All the very best :)
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