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November 30, 2015

General & Banking Awareness Quiz for IBPS Clerks - Set 48

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  1. An Indian born banker appointed as the United States director of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). She is  ____________
    1. Swati Dandekar
    2. Neel Kashkari
    3. Ashok Mago
    4. Seema Malhotra
    5. Prig Patel 
  2. Which International monetary organization provides $120 million loan to fund 2nd Bangladesh-India Grid Inter connectivity under South Asia Sub-regional Economic Co-operation (SASEC) programme?
    1. World Bank
    2. IMF
    3. ADB
    4. IDA
    5. NDB
  3. Who is the present President of ADB ?
    1. Kaushik Basu
    2. Subir Gokam
    3. Takehiko Nakao
    4. Haruhiko Kuroda
    5. Jin Liqun
  4. Banks are offering payment solutions which do not require swiping credit/ debt card and is completed by scanning the QR code. In this context QR stands for ____________
    1. Quick Report
    2. Quick Response
    3. Quick Roam
    4. Quick Recall
    5. Quick Revision 
  5. The Union Cabinet gave its approval for the ratification and submitting of the Articles of Agreement of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (A1113). Where is the Headquarters of AIlS?
    1. Manila
    2. Tokyo
    3. Shanghai
    4. Washington DC
    5. Beijing 
  6. In the memory of Bank of Baroda founder Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad - III, Maharaja Sayajirao Bhasha Samman conferred on  ____________
    1. Bhalchandra Nemade
    2. Dr Kama! Kishore Goyanka
    3. Nayanatara Sahgal
    4. Prasoon Joshi
    5. Ravichandre Godse
  7. AMFI recently elected Leo Puri as its Chairman. AMFI stands for  ____________
    1. Association of Mutual Funds in India
    2. Association for Micro Finance in India
    3. Association for Mind Funds in India
    4. Application for Mutual Funds in India
    5. None of above
  8. On 17 November 2015, who launched an open ended balanced fund designed exclusively for children's needs by name Children's Gift Fund'? 
    1. SBI 
    2. Franklin Investments
    3. Can Fin
    4. ICICI Mutual Fund
    5. Axis Mutual Fund
  9. With a view to maximizing economic impact mainly through infrastructure development in commercially viable projects, National Investment and Infrastructure Fund (NIIF) was established. It is headed by 
    1. Union Minister for Commerce and Trade
    2. Union Minister for Textiles
    3. Finance Minister
    4. RBI Governor
    5. Secretary, Ministry of Finance
  10. Which of the following banks is headquartered in New Delhi?
    1. Andhra Bank 
    2. Allahabad Bank
    3. Punjab National Bank
    4. SBI
    5. Indian Overseas Bank 
  11. Who was appointed as an Executive Director on the board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) representing the Indian Constituency (India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka)?
    1. Raghuram Rajan
    2. Shyamala Gopinath
    3. Subir Gokarn
    4. Subhash Chandra Garg
    5. R. Gandhi
  12. IAF and SIDBI Make in India Loan for Enterprises (SMILE) to boost MSME and sled-ups under Make in India initiative. IAF stands for ____________
    1. India Active Fund
    2. India Appease Fund
    3. India Asset Fund
    4. India Aspiration Fund
    5. India Ample Fund 
  13. Novak Djokovic defeated whom to win the ATP World Tour finals held at London on 23 Nov 2015?
    1. Andy Murray
    2. Rafael Nadal
    3. Stan Wawrinka
    4. Roger Federer
    5. Andy Roddick 
  14. 8th Men's Junior Asia hockey cup won by ____________
    1. South Korea
    2. Pakistan
    3. India
    4. Malaysia
    5. Indonesia 
  15. IBSF (International Billiards and Snookers Federation) Championship 2015 won by ____________
    1. Michael Ferreira
    2. Geet Sethi
    3. Ashok Shandilya
    4. Pankaj Advani
    5. None of above 
  16. Who has won the 2015 Swiss Indoors Basel Title of Tennis in Men's Single category?
    1. Rafael Nadal
    2. Novak Djokovic
    3. Roger Federer
    4. Andy Murray
    5. None of the above 
  17. World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) suspended which nation anti-doping agency on the allegation that it did not comply with norms of anti-doping?
    1. USA
    2. China
    3. Russia
    4. France
    5. Bulgaria 
  18. Union Government launched the TADF facilitate Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) to acquire clean, green and energy efficient technologies. TADF stands for  ____________
    1. Technology Acquisition and Development Fund
    2. Technology Aviation and Development Fund
    3. Technology Acquisition and Drought Fund
    4. Technology Amplification and Development Fund
    5. None of these
  19. Vijay Keshav Gokhale was appointed as the Indian ambassador to ____________ 
    1. USA
    2. China
    3. Japan
    4. Nepal
    5. Sri Lanka 
  20. Which Indian Corporate entered into a joint venture with Boeing to manufacture aero-structure for aircraft on 9 November 2015?
    1. Reliance
    2. Jet Airways
    3. TATA
    4. Zindal Group
    5. Kingfisher

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