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November 02, 2015

Expected Date of Result and Interview Preparation IBPS PO V

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This is Ram.

Based on the analysis of last year exam, the main exam result status may arrive on Dr.P.Susheela’s Birthday or on Children’s day 2015 and the scores for the passed candidates may not be disclosed till the completion of the Interview. For others the scorecard will be available after 1 or 2 days. I got over joyous when I saw the result status as “shortlisted for the interview” last time but I didnt get the overall cutoff on the final result. So don't go unprepared as I did last time. Speak on banking by yourself a lot.

One trick I have started using now is I am recording my speech on any banking term in my mobile and hearing it back again to sort out the delay issues, clarity issues and how much interesting I am in including the real world examples.

Though the results are yet to be announced, we need not have to waste our time till the results. Interview scores are based on your creativity. Please do not take the interview lightly. The people who are sitting in the interviewers’ desk are from public sector banks and they will watch your activities and response. They will be analyzing the professionalism and how tactically you are handling the questions. Most probably they will find questions from your answers. Initially they will post lot of general questions and make you comfortable. Finally they will ask you one main question. One more key factor is how respectful you are. If they ask who is the governor of Meghalaya. You have to say “Mr” before you say Shanmuganathan and end up with addressing the interviewer as “Sir”.

Prepare a lot to speak about banking terminologies in the next two and a half months. Interview will be in the 3rd or 4th week of January 16. Try to include lot of interesting examples and don’t go unprepared. On day-day basis speak about a topic on banking by yourself and also keep following some basic general awareness.

Prepare for the Interview right from now and All the Best.

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