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November 10, 2015

About IBPS PO V Main Exam Result 2015

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Hi Friends, I am Anju Kakkar. An IBPS PO V aspirant from New Delhi. You people might have observed, from last 3 days there have been chaos around here and there about the IBPS PO V Main Exam results. Some websites / facebook groups have claimed that the results are out on 7th November 2015. They posted a link too... which states "the result will be out soon". Later they've postponed it to 8th and 9th and some people are saying that Tonight results pakka. From that day, people (including me) have been desperately waiting till midnight, keep on refreshing that link and disappointedly going to bed by saying result Aaj bhi nhi aaya :(. Some people keep on asking in comments section about the expected date of results and some so called experts GUESSING the date and time of the results. 

I just want to ask a few questions to all those people who have been predicting the result date,  
  1. Who told you that the results will be out on that specific time / date ?
  2. How did you get the link which is showing the results will be out soon from 3 days ? Did any IBPS employee forwarded that to you so that you can make people ready to crash the IBPS's server or you just copied it from a random facebook group / website ?
  3. If your link is genuine, Why you people are not responding to aspirants' questions when your so called expected date / time proved to be wrong ? 
Dear Aspirants, keep the following things in mind before banging your heads about results...
  1. If IBPS wants to declare the result, it directly posts the result in it's official website i.e, It never give LEAKS to any other website / news paper. 
  2. If you see any link which is claiming "results will be start soon" for more than 5 hours, then that link is FAKE.
    • Note : Some people may say that the link was genuine as it has IBPS in it's url. But guys, IBPS posts the same link for all it's results, so possibly that link might be the old one which was posted for IBPS PO Preliminary Exam Results.
    That's all for now guys. Finally one more thing.The result wont change even if you check a little later. These are not Bahubali's tickets so that you may miss the show if you check them late. Ofcourse, being an aspirant, me too can understand your curiosity to know the result as soon as possible. But don't ruin your Festive joy and Valuable preparation time for the sake of it. Don't let people encash your curiosity by posting fake links.

    P.S : Now please don't ask me the expected date. I'm not an expert to predict. But, in it's notification, IBPS has stated that the Interview call letters will be available in December 2015. So, possibly IBPS will release result by the 3rd week of November. Keep your prayers and preparations alive. Happy Diwali :)

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