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October 03, 2015

IBPS PO5 Review 03/10/2015 Morning Shift Analysis

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MY name is Dheeraz and working as a clerk in a nationalized bank.. ME TOO aspiring to become an officer attempted the ibps po V PRELIMS..

I have attended 2 ibps po and 1 ibps clerk,and ibps rrbs till now and whether i qualify or not i used to atleast see the 100% of the questions.. many of us will think when i can answer 200 in 120..why cant i answer 100 in 60??.. but there comes the logic and computers and gk are time and fate changers i warn the candidates to be prepared well for the next slots..
now coming to the paper; English my friend from childhood was easy for me..attempted all but parajumbles.. as we know one mistake in parajumble leads to atttempts 25/30..    time left was 45mins

Reasoning was moderate..u need to have speed and accuracy..i solved only 25 questions... but i wasted a time in a circular arangement question.. be cautious never waste more than 5mins for seating arrangement.. so my attempts 25/35.. 85-100% accuracy.. time left 20 mins

and there comes Quant...and i was nervous and then i took a hewing gum and relaxed myself..Chewing a gum relaxes our mind ,try it once friends.. 2omins on the clock get set go....  i have done 20questions... tried to do a DI and then time became 00:00... gameover..

total my attempts were 70/100..  in my opinion cutoff would be 40-42 for general category..  all the best to one and all

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