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October 04, 2015

IBPS PO V Day 2 Slot 2 Review

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Rc. Related to economy but ant syn was easy..
Jumbling sentence.. Related China companies.. Moda rate
Blanks was easy
Errors 3was easy based on.. Either or, both and, not only but aslo,etc
Closed test.. Modarate about indian education system

Approx 5 easy
Quadratic 5 easy
Number series 5 in that 3 was easy
Di line 📈 graph was easy 5
Micellenous dolable based on ages,probable, mesuration ,twork, train 🚂
Overal 20 can attempt..

Total easy except puzzles
Syoll 5
Code decoding 5
Inequality 5
Micellenous 5... Blood related, floors puzzle
Liner puzle was easy 5

Toyal exam was easy if u manage the time. 

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