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September 13, 2015

Today's IBPS RRB IV Office Assistants All Sections Review (13th September 2015 - Afternoon Shift)

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Review shared by Shashank

For Aptitude section in RRB assistant exam..

most of people are scared of this section..
in Assistant exam this section is known as Numerical Ability
in todays paper i could solve only 26 though i had time ..
todays paper pattern
  •     15 simplification
  •     5 di
  •     5 series
  •     15 misc train boat profit loss SI CI partnership Age etc
  •     i solved 12Simplification
  •     05 di
  •     3 series
  •     6 misc
Guys for this section u need to give more time..atleast 40min then only u can solve 25ques..
whenever u start with section first solve simplification then DI then series and finally misc...
Don't go for misc at first because they were of level of PO exam..u can solve misc but time consuming and even if u give more time for simplification u r gonna get answer for sure ...but when solving misc problem u might not get try to solve simplification first...then DI then remaining part...thank you..

Reasoning section review for RRB assistant exam:

  •     syllogs 5 easy
  •     inequalities 5 easy
  •     floor wise arrangement 5 tricky
  •     double row sitting arrangement 5 little bit tricky
  •     square sitting arrangement 5 easy
  •     direction 2-3
  •     blood relation-2-3
  •     coding decoding 5 very easy
  •     no data sufficiency questions
  •     no input output
this section is easiest one if u give more time...i attempted 40/40 in 40 mins

Trick for reasoning section.. today for reasoning section in RRB Assistant exam.. I solved 40/40 in reasoning sections. When u solve puzzle or sitting arrangement, u have to make assumptions, there are always two assumptions . .solve the problem with both assumptions u ll get one right for funda for exam is i give near about 80-90 mins for reasoning and aptitude sections...i ll suggest you to finish GA and Comp section in 15 mins and eng in 15 u get almost 90min for apti and reasoning sections.and thats why i could attempt 178...and for practicing puzzle ,  thank you..

GA section review for RRB Assistant

Most of the question are from current affairs.... some questions are on full forms.. for eg today RTGS aaya tha.. Assistant exam ke liye sab full forms kar lo...

English Section for any exam:

Today i gave RRB assistant exam.let me tell you about today's exam.
first time i felt English was good.
i attempted 40/40..reason behind this is reading comprehension was too much easy..only 9-10 lines passage was there..again parajumble was easy one..
but this was exam for assistant post so English was easy..

now for scale 1 and po exam

my suggestions

Do not waste time for solving passage
Just attempt 2-3 antonyms and synonyms from passage not attempt para jumble
so what to attempt
5 anto and syno from both passage
5 fill in the blanks
5 error detection
10 close test

this would hardly take 10-15 mins.. So u will get enough time for Apti and Reasoning section as i mentioned in previous posts.. thanks

Questions sahred by Ezhilarasi Dhanasekaran
  •     World photography day
  •     Which state is the first to be fully digitilised state?
  •     Abbre IFRS
  •     Abbr AMRUT
  •     Carolina marin belongs to which country?
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