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September 06, 2015

Tips to score more in Quant section of IBPS RRB Officers (Scale I)

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Tips to score more in Quant Section
Just complete few topics in Quant for a better Score
1. Profit and Loss
2.Time and Work
3. Series
4. Inequality
5. Average
6. Ratio and Proportion
7. Percentage and Mensuration
It will cover your 90% along with DI

A. Learns square roots up to 50 and cube roots up to 25
B. Learn short cuts of multiplications and divisions
C. Solve more and more DI Question
D.At least learn the important formula of Mensuration
E. Further practice more questions of Profit and Loss, Time and Work, Series, Inequality, Average, Ratio and Proportion, Percentage

If you will do all these things then you will able to score 20-25 question out of 40 with 100% accuracy

Thanks to Siddharth Rohan for the update

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