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September 17, 2015

September 2015 : Expected Current Affairs Quiz - Set 3

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Australian Defense Minister was on a 3 day visit to India. Who is he ?

India on 3rd September 2015 announced that it will take part in the first ever air exercise with which country ?

Lok Sabha Speaker has recently attended the 10th annual meeting of Women Speakers of Parliament in New York. Who is she ?

The Foreign Minister of UAE is on a visit to India to attend the 11th meeting of India-UAE Joint Commission For Economic and Technical Cooperation. Who is he ?

India and UAE have signed 5 MoUs in various fields. Two of them are in the field of _______________. Remaining MoUs are in the field of Tourism, Higher Education and Scientific Research, for Specifications and Measures.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently released a Commemorative coin of Rs. 125 and a Circulation coin of Rs. 10 in honour of former President of India ________________ ?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently made a visit to UAE after nearly ______________ years, which was the first visit by an Indian Prime Minister after 1981.

President Pranab Mukherjee has inaugurated the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the EEPC at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi. Expand EEPC.

Recently, which railway zone ________________ has become the first zone in Indian Railways to eliminate all unmanned level crossings from its system.

India has announced the launching of a second multi-spectral remote sensing Indonesian satellite that will help the country to monitor land-use, natural resource and in disaster mitigation. Name it ?

The Government has extended the last date for filing Income Tax return by a week to September 7. The earlier date was _____________

Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that the 2.3 million strong People’s Liberation Army, will be cut by ____________ troops.

The Union Cabinet has cleared reimbursement of Rs 113 crore of losses on pulses imported between 2006-11 by four government agencies. They are ?

Government has recently cancelled the registration of the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Greenpeace India under the FCRA for allegedly working against country's economic progress. Expand FCRA ?

Delhi High Court allows ______________________. This means that women can now stay with the Indian Navy till they retire.

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