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September 20, 2015

My SBI PO 2015 GD / Interview Transcript - Jaipur

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GD Topic : Why Financial Inclusion is important for healthy economy.

INTERVIEW Questions :-
  1. You are biotech then why banking sector instead of research.
  2. What is Basel III norms and its significance.
  3. Head of IMF and HQ
  4. What is genotype and phenotype
  5. Salient features of Jan dhan yojana
  6. What is Rupay
  7.  Narendra modi recent visit and agreement silent feature.
  8. What is PSL and how much percentage is applicable for SCBs.
  9. Bihar female litracy rate.
  10. Gold Monetization Scheme authority.
  11. Any latest research update about Biotechnology.
  12. Are your comfortable with rural postings.
  13. What you want to achieve in your life.
  14. Raghuram Rajan done their MBA from ?
Thank you :-)

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