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September 06, 2015

GK QUESTIONS ASKED IN IBPS RRB 2015 OFFICER SCALE - 1 ( 6th September 2015 Morning Shift)

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General Awareness Question asked in IBPS RRB Scale 1 exam (Morning Shift - 6th September 2015):

Q. 1 . How much Credit extends to Mangolia by GoI for Infrastructure Development ?

a- 1 Billion USD

Q. 2. Gandhi Stadium , also known as Bultron Park , generally used for Cricket Matches is Located at ?

a- Jalandhar , Punjab

Q.3. Who is the Present CM of Maharashtra ?

a- Devendra Fadnavis.

Q.4. Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority of India has its Headquarter at ?

a- Hyderabad, Telangana.

Q.5. Atomic Energy Agency Has its Headquarter at ?

a- Vienna , Austria.

Q.6. Mithali Raj is related to which Game ?

a- Cricket

Q.7. According to the recent survey Global HR firm Mercer’s “Cost of Living Survey 2015” India's most expensive City is ?

a- Mumbai.

Q.8. UC Browser or UC Web Portal Brand Ambassador is ?

a- Yuvraj Singh.

Q.9. Orange Festival celebrated by Throwing Oranges to each other is related to which country ?

a- Holland.

Q.10. By the Spirit of Swadeshi Movement , Government encouraging To celebrate National Handloom day every Year on ?

a- 7 August.

Q.11. Which of the Indian Footballer became !st Indian Player to Make 50 International Goals ?

a- Sunil Chhetri.

Q.12. Jabalpur a city of MP is situated on the bank of which river ?

a- Narmada

Q. 13. Transcendence : My Spiritual Life with Pramukh Swami is authored By ?

a- APJ Abdul Kalam.

Q.14. In OROP, P stands for ?

a- Pension

Q.15. The Committee Appointed to Revitalize the Public Private Partnership in the Infrastructure Development projects is Chaired by ?

a- Vijay Kelkar.

Q.16. Capital city of Democratic Rebulic of Peru is ?

a- Lima.

Q.17. During Bangladesh visit PM Narendra Modi received Liberation War Honour Award on behalf of Former PM of India ?

a- Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Q.18. Currency of Chez Republic is ?

a- Koruna.

Q. 19. Indian eminent Scientist conferred with Japan's highest civilianaward, 'Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star'?

a- CNR Rao.

Q.20. President Pranab Mukherjee inaugrated Nakshatra Vatika in Rashtrapati Nilayam at ?

a- Secundrabad.

Q.21. NIIF is a fund created by the Government of India for enhancing ?

a- Infrastructure.

Q.22. Mumbai - Nagpur Super Expressway Project Got How much Fund ?

a- Rs 30,000 crore.

Q.23. Shishu, Kishore, Tarun are Loans given to micro Small Project under which Scheme ?

a- PMMY.

Q.24. Which of the Following is Joint Venture Partner of SBI Life Insurance ?

a- BNP Paribas Cardiff.

Q.25. Who is Elected as a Chairman of Mumbai Cricket Association Board ?

a- Sharad Pawar.

Q.26. In MUDRA Bank 'R' stands for ?

a- Refinance.

Q.27. Which organisation deals with development of childrens and women in Developing countries?


Q.28. According to the report's projections, the current world population of 7.3 billion is expected to reach how much billion by 2030?

a- 8.5 billion.

Q.29. Sajjangarh Biological Park is Situated at ?

a- Udaipur.

Thanks to Rohit Dandapat for the update

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