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August 17, 2015

Simple Trick to Remember Arjuna Awardees List 2015

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Hello friends I am Bala ganesh Akasapu. As Arjuna awards 2015 has been announced a small presentation from my side to remember it with story telling :
List of 17 Sports-Persons were Honored with Arjuna Award for the year 2015
  1. P R Sreejesh (hockey), 
  2. Dipa Karmakar (gymnastics), 
  3. Jitu Rai (shooting), 
  4. Sandeep Kumar (archery), 
  5. Mandeep Jangra (boxing), 
  6. Babita (wrestling), 
  7. Bajrang (wrestling), 
  8. Rohit Sharma (cricket), 
  9. K Srikanth (badminton), 
  10. Swarn Singh Virk (rowing), 
  11. Satish Sivalingam (weightlifting), 
  12. Yumnam Santhoi Devi (wushu), 
  13. Sharath Gaekwad (para-sailing), 
  14. M R Poovamma (athletics), 
  15. Manjeet Chhillar (kabaddi), 
  16. Abhilasha Mhatre (kabaddi), 
  17. Anup Kumar Yama (rollerskating)
Story 1: 3 Guys sreejesh with hockey stick, Srikanth with badmanton rocket and rohith with cricket bat tried to beat a girl dipa but the girl is good at gymnastics she managed to escape from them by running with her friend poovamma(athletics-running)(sounds like poornima, easy to remember) now another 2 guys sandeep kumar shoot with archery but no way they are running far away so finally jitu rai took his guy and shoot them, the two girls on their way find salman khan (bajrangi) married to babhi(babhitha) [Here note that both are wrestlers] and so sallu bhai protected the two girls from their enemies. (End of story)

Story 2 :  Mandeep chose boxing and satish shivalingam chose weight lifting( see the name it self sugesting that he is able to lift maha shivalingam so he is weight lifter) these two guys are "BROTHERS(lastest movie)" who are enemies to each other

Story 3 : (Funny one) Manjeet Chhillar = Man is searching for his lost money on floor/ground... so he is a kabadi player Abhilasha Mhatre = Abhilasha means hope , and Mhatre means tablet , so this person lost his tablet (medicine) which is important one so he is searching on the floor/ground ... so he is kabadi player.

I guess 4 more persons are left but you can read them

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