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July 20, 2015

Tricks to Remember Important Days from January to April (English)

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Hi Friends,

I am 'Dil-logical Sandy®' a silent reader of Gr8Ambitionz. Here I am sharing "Important Days from January to April" and "Trick to Remember Them" in English. 

In this post I am providing these short tricks from JANUARY to APRIL... if you like this post, I will provide tricks for remaining months soon... 

HOPE you like this. Happy Reading :)


  • 1st January - Global Family Day
  • 10th January - World Hindi Day
  • 12th January - National Youth Day
  • 15th January - Indian Army Day
  • 24th January - National Girl Child Day
  • 25th January - National Voters Day

TRICK to REMEMBER Important Days in January

On 1ST JANUARY my FAMILY was on GLOBAL tour with 10 HINDI speaking people and 12 NATIONAL YOUNG boys who would participated in 15th ARMY DAY parade organized by 24 NATIONAL GIRL CHILD and 25 NATIONAL VOTERS


  • 4th February - World Cancer Day
  • 13th February - World Radio Day
  • 21st February - International Mother Language Day
  • 22nd February - Twins day
  • 22nd February - World Thinking Day
  • 28th February - National Science Day

TRICK to REMEMBER Important Days in February

On the 4th WORLD CANCER DAY in FEBRUARY, 13.0 FM WORLD RADIO announces that in age 21st MOTHER LANGUAGE is compulsory and in 22nd you should THINK about WORLD and NATIONAL 28 SCIENCE wonder.


  • 4th March - National Safety Day 
  • 8th March - International Women's Day
  • 12th March - World Kidney Day
  • 15th March - World Consumer Rights Day•
  • 20th March - World Sparrow
  • 22nd March - World Water Day•
  • 24th March - World Tuberculosis Day (TB Day)• 
  • 27th March - World Theatre Day

TRICK to REMEMBER Important Days in March

On 4th MARCH, NATIONAL SAFETY DAY 8 WOMEN donate 12 KIDNEYS to 15 CONSUMERS who have 20 SPARROW. Because on 22nd WATER DAY 24 TB patients would also donate 27 theater.


  • 7th April - World Health Day
  • 18th April - World Heritage Day
  • 21st April - National Civil Service Day
  • 22nd April - International Earth Day
  • 23rd April - World Book and Copyright Day
  • 25th April - World Malaria Day
  • 26th April - World Intellectual Property Day
  • 30th April - International Jazz Day

TRICK to REMEMBER Important Days in April

On 7 APRIL, WORLD HEALTH DAY, 21 NATIONAL CIVIL SERVICES people from 18 HERITAGE cities from 22 countries of EARTH publish 23 BOOKS with COPYRIGHTS and give 25 reasons for MALERIA. The book “26 INTELLECTUALS play the 30 JAZZ” won the 1st prize.

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