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July 16, 2015

Success Story of SBBJ

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very warm regard to everyone.

Being an ardent reader of gr8ambition for last one year I want to share my Success Story to all the readers of this site.

My name is Naveen and selected as clerk in SBBJ (State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur).

I was an above average student since childhood, and I completed my Engineering in Computer Science from a govt college (keeping in mind they are good for study).
But real struggle start now during my study I got a bag full of back subjects, but I was not demoralized. And anyhow succeed to pass them. So placement was not for me at that time, now I started  looking after Bank and SSC Exams. But destiny was not with me and I failed and failed many times with a minute differences of marks.
I started thinking that being an engineer if I am not able to crack such exams, then it is shameful for me. But after 2 years hard work i succeed anyhow to achieve that in SBBJ Clerk. For SSC also final result is awaited.

Thanks to gr8ambition and all readers and admins to post such important details and info.

And one more thing that i got this good news from gr8ambition site only.

Dear aspirants Never Ever Give up. Always keep in mind that you deserve better than this, and prepare according to that you will find the way to success.

 Once again thanks to everyone. All the Best :)

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