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July 25, 2015

SBI PO 2015 Mains Exam Approach and Tips

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Hi frnds Sbi main exam is tmrw & I'm sure many of would hav burnt the midnight oil these days! One of our gr8 frnd requested me for main exam strategy & prepared one for him.. I just thought sharing it here would be helpful 2 many of U specially the new aspirants!!!

For interpreting lets take my last year marks : E-11/24 GK-18/20 Reasoning -21/23 DI-5/7 Total-55/74

1. last year cutoff was SC-60,Obc-70 & Gen-80 for objective and gen-20 & others-18 for descriptive.. so believing on d same trend this time i think 110 r 120 wit gud accuracy might help us 2 clear it!!  We hav 2 make sure we attend atleast 100 r 110 i guess (but it might even increase if d exam is easy one)
2. And seeing d past trends of SBI the sectional cut offs are at the max 14 for Gen & 11 for others..
SBI PO 2014 : obc-11 & Gen-14  SBI Associate PO 2014 : obc-10 & Gen-13
It varies for every section depending on d complexity but last year d max sec cut off are these only.. So its advisable to secure atleast 15 marks in each section..
3. Last year overall objective cut off was 80 for sbi & 107 for sbi assoc po.. Sbi assoc cut off was high since d exam was easier than ibps PO.. So depending on the exam complexity overall might vary & already we hav 60 marks already in pocket by securing 15 marks in each section..
4. For rest of d marks(I mean above 60) i think we can score high in our stronger sections whichever we like & scoring atleast15 r 20 marks above overall cut off would be far better!!  Because last year objective- 80 & descriptive-20 but overall-112(since 80+20=100 only but 12 marks more)
5.. Accuracy matters the most i got 55/74 only becoz i had fair accuracy except english :) so watever we attend accuracy must be maintained in it.. And see i hav scored well in Reasoning & gk but bad in maths.. So score as much as possible in these areas where u can score high:)  And Eng normally depends on d individual :)
6. General Awareness I think GA is d scoring part where we can score well if we r gud in tat!! First of all its GA not GK.. I mean its not completely Current affairs &  we will have marketing,computer & few banking questions in it.. Even if we r not strong in current affairs we can try 2 score high in other topics(marketing r computer) & im sure everyone can clear this sec cut off easily!! so if u get 2 know d basic of all these & attend even only 5 ques in these u will end up wit 20 marks. I think this is d place where we can score high if we work on it!!
7. Quans :Like out of all the DI ques asked atleast 1 or 2 sets will be easy.. and in every set out of 5 questions atleast 2 ques will b easy.. And if im not wrong 5 probability ques might b there & prob is an easy topis if we learn it well!! so wit these questions on hand i guess its quite easy 2 get maths cut off:-)
8. Reasoning :And in reasoning i think as usual we must try easy topics like inequality,syllogism, input & output,etc.which might come in handy 2 score well:) And after these we can go as per wish based on our ability & skills...  Normally 2 d extent possible i avoid statement & assumptions, arguments,etc.. as chances of wrong answers are more  in it:)
9. English : As u all know english is d villain for most of us:) And i dunno wat 2 say for this.. Im sure cloze & fill in d blanks, phrase replacement ques would helps us 2 secure a few marks & even clear d eng cut off itself if we do them wit gud accuracy!! And if im not wrong i guess 2 RC will be there.. Even if we dont try all d questions i think its advisable 2 try at least d synonyms & antonyms in tat...  This will help us as a backup or even in scoring more:-)
10. Last year reasoning was easy i think & if we hav proper practice we can solve more ques & score gud too!! And quans was tough last year (I failed in quans sec cut off itself)... so if u r not gud in quans U can try 2 score high in reasoning & try 2 secure atleast d min marks in quans:) But even d viceversa can take place!! Sbi might even make Reasoning tough & quans tough this time..

P.S : SBI is unpredictable & will always surprise us wit unexpected things!! So be prepared for d worst!! Sorry tat im posting this very late!!! All d very best frndz:)

Alex Christo
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