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May 21, 2015

SBI Associate clerk Interview experience - Pe@rl (Do ur best&leave d rest)

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First of all i would like to thank Gr8ambitionz Team for such a wonderful materials and guidance.

Qualification : B.Tech (CSE)

State : Telangana (Hyderabad)

Category : General

Date : 19th May

I reached venue at 10’O clock…my certificate verification at 2:30 pm…
By 5pm interview started.

There were five people on my panel – four men and a lady. I wish everybody Good evening. They offer me a seat. There was a brief silence in between, as they were looking at my documents. And then finally, it started.

So here’s how been my interview:
1.Asked details of my father occupation
Me:answered everything.
2.why you prefer bank job after
Me:explained about situations I  faced.
3.Types of Taxes?
Me:direct and indirect…explained with examples
4.what is sales tax?
5.what is GST?
Me:answered that single taxation structure and everything
6.Does the bill passed?
7.How many seats in Loksabha and Rajya sabha
8.How people in Rajya sabha have been elected?
Me:don’t know sir
1.What is Browser?
1.who is Babu Rajendra Prasad?
2.Some questions about constitution?
Silent mode(Observing)
1.what is monetary policy?
2.what is repo rate?
3.what is slr?
So Overall interview was good.
Panel takes 20 minutes time. I also asked other candidates what was their questions. Most of them were asking about family, background and few banking terms.
I just hope I clear it and allotted a bank soon.
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