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May 16, 2015

SBI Associate Clerk interview Experience

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Hello Everyone .. yesterday  i had completed my SBI associate Clerk interview .. so i'm here to share my experience which might be useful for other candidates .

Name : R.Bhanu Kiran

Venue : State Bank Training Center , Tirupathi  

Date : 14-05-2015

Time : 12PM , Panel 1

Background : B.Tech , ECE , 2014 passed out

I have reached the venue a bit late than actual time . And then we were asked to sit in a room where the document verification took place. Doc verification process started around 12:30 . And they were very strict in document verification . Make sure that  you have all the required documents which  will support your eligibility . And my turn for interview was at 03:50 . when I called up I open the door and seek their permission to get in . panel consists of 5 members ( 4M and 1 F ) . I wished them and they offered me the seat .

some people asked the questions in Telugu (my local language ) and few of them asked in English . So I answered accordingly .

M1(who is leading the interview ) : Asked few basic details about my place ,education etc etc .. and started with why you choose banking ??

Didn’t you appeared for any IT sector jobs ??

Are you interested to go if you got one ??

How long have I been appearing for Bank jobs ?? and their results .

Difference between NEFT and RTGS ??

Can we avail NEFT service without going to the branch ??

 For this I said yes and said that we can do that through online banking .

Can you name 3 private sector banks in India ??
Me: ICICI , HDFC , Yes bank .

Which is the youngest one among those 3 ??

Which is the biggest one in Market Capitalization ??
(Actually I was not much aware of Market Capitalization .i heard ICICI is biggest in some parameter which I couldn’t remember exactly at that time . so I decided to take a chance and answered it as)
Me: ICICI  (were the actual answer is HDFC !!.)

M1 : I asked in market captilization .
Me : sry sir , i don’t know much about Market Capitalization .

M1: you said ICICI as biggest by considering its Asset size ??
(Then I realize ICICI is the biggest pvt bank in terms of  asset size  :P )
Me: yes sir . P

And then he gave chance to M2 ( who looks very old in the whole panel ) who sits right to M1 . Seems he is an expert in capital markets and investments . I feel so because he posed all the questions related to that field .

How companies expand their capital ??
What is share?
What is sensex and what is nifty ??
One question about IPO .
And other 2 questions related to capital markets .

And then he gave chance to M3 who sits left  to M1 .
He asked few general questions which I couldn’t able to recall now .

Now again M1 started his questions .
M1 :Do you have bank account and internet banking??
M1 :For what purpose you use that mostly ??
Me: I said for online shopping .. !! (I consider this as the biggest mistake that  I made in the interview . As they started posing around 10 questions related to this field )
M1: name few e-commerce companies .
M1 : recent mergings  in e - commerce companies .
M1 : biggest e - commerce companies in india ?
M1: why few e - commerce companies shifted to mobile apps and building mobile version websites .?

Then in middle M4 ( who is left to m3) took the gun and started shooting his questions..
M4 : Advs of ol shopping ?
M4: disadvs of ol shopping ?
M4: how can you find a website as a trusted website or not ?
For this I answered by checking identity status in URL .
( And he was expecting another answer from me which was in his mind)
M4: what is the diff b/w http and https ??
(now I realized what he was expecting from my previous answer )
Me: The Hypertext Transfer Protocol and The Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secured .

Now M1 started again …
M1 : what is TCP ?? Why we use It ??

Now m4 Again :
M4: say us about your project .
For that I explained briefly on how it works and where we use it .
 M4: have you ever heard about verisign ??
Me : sry sir , I never heard that name !! .
(Actually verisign is a security ensure for Internet banking and is also  related to my project :P)
Then M4 explained about that verisign .

And then its F1 turn now (who is right to M2 ) .
She asked few questions related to recent current affairs which I couldn’t remember now . so I’m just talking about other few here .
F1 : Can you explain us about Nellore in 1 Min .
( I actually prepared for this answer when I was preparing for IBPS PO interview  and couldn’t able to recall the whole and just explained a part of what I prepared at that time )
I ended up answering in just 30 sec’s and was thinking what to say next . Then
F1 : was there any CM’s from Nellore >??
Then is started saying about famous politicians from Nellore .
F1 : what is the name of NGO running by mr. venkaiah naidu  in Nellore ??
(Though I know the answer I couldn’t able to get it at that time and remains silent for 2-3 seconds and answered )
Me : Swarna Bharat Trust .
F1 :What is the tag line of tourism for Kerala ??
Me : answered .

M1 : Ok Mr . Bhanu Kiran you can leave now . All the best .
Then I thanked everyone of them and left the room .

That comes the end to my Interview .

Finally , All the panel members were friendly they made you feel comfortable . so don’t be tensed .Perform well .

All the best Guys.. 

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