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May 26, 2015

SBI Associate Clerk Interview Experience from Hyderabad

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Name : Ch. Srinivas Reddy


Panel : 3

Date : 21-05-2015

F: As you are from farming family what is green revolution , White revolution?
M1:What is amalgamation(physics question)?
me:I don't know
M1: Bromide is also called as?
me: I don't know?
M1: What is called as laughing gas?
me:Nitruos oxide
M2:How many telugu years are there?
me: Shocked as i don't know it
M2: How many telugu months are there?
me:I don't know
M2: Tell me one vemana sathaka?
me: he game some hint(Upu kapurambu noka polika nundu) and i told it
M3:Which act is used in day to day banking transactions?
me: I told br act rbi act sarfaesi act at last i managed to say it is negotiable instrument act
M3:What is gst?
M3:What is capital market?
M3:is cheque bounce criminal or civil case?
me : Told(It is a criminal case in india)
M4: President of brazil?
M4:Tell me about brics bank name , head quarters , its new chairman?
m4:Why mangalyan mission received appreciation from all and which rocket is used in MAM mission?
me: Told.
Thats my interview experience thank you one and all

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