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May 07, 2015

My Story - Akshay Sharma

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Name Akshay Sharma

Exams given – Uncountable since April 2013 but without preparing. 

Exams given this year – 
  • UIICL Assistant
  • NIACL assistant (interview result awaited)
  • SSC Tier I (2013 ) cleared,
  • NABARD Pre
  • NICL AO-         all cleared
  • .nicl assistant,oicl ao- result awaited
Selected – UIIC Assistant from Punjab

Now preparing - RBI, SSC

I was one of the toppers of the school and also one of the most rich in the city. My parents dragged me to the after 10th non medical + btech = good job world. I scored 4%in 10+1 and 65% in 10+2 by cramming method(ratta). Then got admission to b tech civil . I always had a dream of studying b com and then prepare for rbi exams.but my father said I will not pay your fees if you don’t study non medical and b tech. my brain’s strength and creativity was buried. I got 20 back logs in the whole degree. And till the last semester I was having 9 backlogs in my account.then cleared all by ratta method thanks to Punjab technical university’s bad checking system I cleared my degree at 62% which I still don’t believe.

But during my btech my whole life got into shambles. My father sold our house and took all money. He is a mes contractor and lives in Gwalior and has other family to which he gave all money and still gives his money and give us only an insignificant money. He put us from a lavish house to a small home of his friend who was living on the top floor.i had two dogs at time then and I was 19. They were also not used to that tight place with a sewage smell coming out daily.i suffered from insomnia i hadn’t slept since six months due to pressure of future that was to be made by me + tensions of homelessness .in the last semester I started a ngo street dog club in bathinda to help stray animals specially dogs after watching the sufferings they have to go through and also met a girl who changed my life forever. Then I started daily helping animals from 4am to 2 am every day.everyday I used to bury the dead dogs and treat the ill dogs.i buried more than 1000 dogs in 1 year and treated more than 3000. I was aimless and always ready to die as I didn’t have any interest in engineering and then civil also. But my circumstances lead me to apply for a lecturer job at Chandigarh.

I worked there and it was hell .i had to deliver 8 hours continuosly lectures daily and no holiday. I was ranked 1st in one month my college in teaching by students , but the college’s pay policies was a trap. I often had footsore .then I left that college.and an idea about a government job came to my mind.i started filling forms of government exams of all types.but failed all. Then I joined another college in ambala .worked there for 4 months.again ranked 1st for all four months.but college authorities were torturing students by hefty fines and penalities just for the attendance shortage. Stood with the students for their cause forced the authorities to take back the decisions and left as they didn’t give me salary of two left. On the other side pressure from my partner’s parents was increasing day by day on her to marriage.she took admission into a college in Chandigarh in mba for me so as I will get time to settle.she used to give me half of her money she used to get as pocket money to fill forms and buy some books.

My low points - daily humiliation by parents and relatives, slept in park for some nights, there were some times when I was in so much agony that I start crying but at that time either you can cry or do practice and some of my practice books are filled with tears,when my dogs were dying of pain and I didn’t have money to treat them,slept starving many days,when I had no money to even get medicine,I could never afford to ill as I had to spend the money on medicines which was for books and forms.and also being general every form costs 450,500,600.i would use some references a movie hope many of you have watched it,the scene accident ,missing shoe,when will smith used to run away from lenders ,mostly all scenes from the pursuit of happyness . I don’t say I suffered the most,but I suffered.

My inspiration - stray animals, daily taunts by family ,missing cut off by 1 or 2 marks. my partner who always trusted me and kept saying you can do anything.i owe my success  to her .

My advice – respect everybody, practice hard and believe in yourself,no matter what is takes always remember what is at stakes ,many times there are some people who criticize the reservation quota,it is not right,hard success always taste great,many times I have seen many sc/st candidates in shambles and many sc/st candidates enjoying reservation even whose parents are in IAS,SSC.we just have to focus on what we want and do it.RIDE OR DIE.

I also send my story in detail to a production house in Mumbai for a series they want to make on real life and got a green signal from them but all other things are not  decided yet. The post I got may be small but it will give me some hope and oxygen for sometime. I wish all the best to all candidates and I pray to god may all you get what you want and do help others.

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