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May 15, 2015

Interview Experience of SBI Associates Clerks

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Name       : Beshta Harish

Category  : OBC

Qualification: B.Tech (ECE)

Venue:  Hotel  NAHAR Heritage, Bangalore

Date & Time: 14/05/2015 &  9 am

Panel : 6

My certifications verification done at 10 am and my interview turn at 1.30. In interview panel total 5 members are there(4M+1F).

Me: Excuse me sir, may I come in?
Sir: Yes come in.
Me: Wished all the members good afternoon sirs and madam.
M1: Take u r seat.
Me: Thank u sir.
M1: Mr. Harish you are from Andhra Pradesh.
Me: Yes sir.
M1: Your graduation completed in 2013. Then what you are doing these 2 years.
Me: I prepared bank exams sir.
M1: Why bank? Engg side also jobs are there.
Me:  I told sir banking provides good career opportunities and growth and secure job.
M1: Asked what is Virtual Currency or Bit Coins and Which country decided to replace total   
        paper currency.
Me: Sorry sir I don’t know answer.
M1: You have any idea about stock exchange?
Me: yes sir.
M1:  What is Hang seng.
Me: Hong Kong Stack exchange.
M1: DOW Jones, NASDAC and their places?
Me: Answered.
M1: European Stock Exchange?
Me: I forgot answer( London Stock Exchange FTSE) I don’t know sir.
M1: Nikkei?
Me: Japan Stock Exchange.
M1: Foreign exchange reserves controlled by?
Me: Reserve bank of India.
M1: How?
Me: By holdings of Gold, foreign currencies and special drawing rights.
M1: SDR means?
Me: Answered.
M1: Asked Poster Presentation, I mentioned in data form presentation on pen pc technology.
Me: Explained.
M2: Who is RBI governor?
Me: Answered.
M2: Tell me about recent P.M. launched schemes?
Me: APY, PMJJY and PMSBY and explained.
M3: What is MAT?
Me: First I can’t understand question after 30sec I catch question Minimum Alternate Tax and  
M3: Flipkart is which company?
Me: E-commerce.
M3: Recently Flipkart acquires which company?
Me: Sorry sir I don’t know.
F1 : U know kannada reading, writing and speaking.
Me: Yes madam.
F1 : How you know kannada?
Me: Mam we are in Karnataka border and my home town 50% people speaking kannada that’s why I  
         know kannada.
F1 : what is Banking?
Me :Answered.
F1 : Tell me about GST?
Me: Answered
F1 : Govt got more income from which tax?
Me: Income and Corporate tax.
F1 : Not income tax, Commercial tax.
Me: Ok mam.
M4: How many SBI subsidy banks are there and why we call these are subsidy banks?
Me: Answered.
M4: Famous about you are home town?
Me: Sir my home town is famous for Handloom industry and cotton mills.
M4: ok harish, All the best for u r career.You can leave.
Me : I wished all thank you sir and mam.

That’s all about my interview experience.

Thank you

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