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May 23, 2015

SBI Associate Clerk Interview Experience from Telangana

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Name : Veeramallu Rakesh

Interview Date and Time : 21st May at 12PM

Venue : SBI Learning centre, Hyderabad

Panel no : 7

   I reached there at 10.30AM,signed in a register and sat in garden. Many of the members studying ....studying....they are highly involved in studying many things... i just relaxed by listening songs... i
thought i prepared enough this 1hour wont make any change (but what i saw more than 30 times is the winner of Man Booker prize, i just not able to remember his name...)

We were allowed at 12.10pm,verification process is very slow and i am the 9th one.Mine verification done in 6mins(very fast bcoz i arranged all in order :)P ).After verification of 10 members they asked us to go to lunch...we went to canteen and had a delicious lunch and again came back to verification center.

      Now long waiting time for my turn...i felt sleepy (thank god they gave us tea).Every member before me are coming out and saying its horrible they are asking all subject questions.I just laughed and said to me dont worry they will ask you questions only on your hobbies(because my hobbies are surfing internet and quotation collection,some what different).Now it my turn...

Excuse Me sir,,
Yes come in
I wished them with a warm smile...there are 5 members (4M+1F),there is a small table and they all sat in sofas,even for me also there is sofa chair.

and the real game starts

Chairman:What you are doing since 2013?(I completed my B.Tech in 2013)
Me:I assisted my father in my family businees.

C:What business he owns?
Me:Sir,he owns a kirana shop.

C:ok,You got 78.4% in B.Tech,which most of the members didnt get.Why you people immediately going to other sectors?

Me:i said my own answer.

C:So your hobby is quotation collection.
Me:Yes sir

Then he said one quotation(i didnt remember) and asked who said it ?
Me:I dont know sir..

C:I say Banks are creating credit?are you agree with me if yes how it making demand?
Me:I agree with you sir as banks act as intermediary between persons who have surplus money and who are in needy and they are creating demand because as they are giving loans to industrialists and they are investing in productions...(interrupted)

C:No what i am asking is ,are they creating demand?
Me:Again i started giving same ans(actually i didnt understood one thing, is he asking demand for market or demand for money..)

C:ok,your another hobby is internet surfing.What is Net neutrality?
Me:I expllained and saying it is raisng because govt wants to increase internet penetration through digital india...(interrupted)

C:So,is govt supporting it?
Me:Yes sir

C:What you will say ,it should be there or not?
Me:Yes sir,it should be there.

Passed to M1(While giving answers to chairman he went outside and came back, i think just to check my attention,i didnt saw that side)

M1:If a bank has 100 rupees how much it can give as credit?
Me:Sir,after deducting CRR,SLR... (interrupted)

M1:No after deducting only i have now 100 rs,how much effect it has in absolute terms.Is it 100rupees or some other number say in absolute terms?

Me:(Some what confused)..its 100 ruppes sir.

M1:No that money has a ripple effect,before it was said for every 100ruppes there is an effect of 1125 ruppes but as techonology
developed it is 2400.I am saying it is for just for your information.

Me:Thank you sir..

Passed to F1

F1:Who said quit india?
Me:Mahatma gandhi

F1:Who said garibi hatao?
Me:Smt Indira gandhi

F1:Who said 'jai jawan jai kisan'?
Me:Sri lal bahudur shastri.(she gave a little smile,may be satisfied as i am giving answers fastly)

F1:Who said acche din aayinge?
Me:(With a warm smile) Our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi mam..

F1:NPAs are increasing after restrcturing also so what are alternate methods?(she didnt asked like this indirectly asked to confuse me, to which i really confused)
Me: RBI recently proposed Payment banks so...(interrupted)

F1:No other ways
Me:thinking....said mam NPAs are increasing more because of present macro economic situation and high interest rates of recent past.

F1:ok,macroeconomic situation is complex issue,no one can expect when it is going to be normal.I am asking other ways like Debt recovery
Me:(ofhoo...this answer i wanted to said initially but as she said after restructuring i just confused)I said Debt recovery tribunals and SARFAESI act mam

F1:More..did u heard about ARCIL??
ME:yes mam Asset reconstruction company of India limited.

passed to M2(He is very friendly)

M2:whose quotation it is,"with you all the way"?
Me:our SBI sir (with a warm smile)

M2:Is it SBI or SBH?
Me:SBI only sir,for SBH it is Nation banks on us.

M2:banker to every indian?
Me:Our SBI only sir.

M2:Hum haina?
Me:sorry sir,i cant able to recollect it.

Me:ha yes sir

M2:Jindagi ke saath bhi,jindagi ke baad bhi?
Me:Sorry sir i heard this but cant able to recollect.(chairman saying just understand the word and guess...sorry sir i unable to recollect)

M2:its LIC na?
Me:yes sir.

passed to M3(he is regional language player...asked in telugu)
M3:tell me some foreign banks and private banks?
Me:at that time i cant recollect more said some 5 or 6.

again F1 picked

F1:said a sanskrit quotation and asked who said it?
Me:Sorry mam i dont know

Again M2(he knows my native place,he said route also..its amazing for me he knows our rural town...and very happy gave a cute smile)

M2:What is famous in your native place?
Me:I said a temple name

M2:no in agriculture,which crops?
Me:i said paddy

M2:ya,do u also own land,how many acres you have?
Me:No sir we dont have land.

Ok Rakesh you can go...i with a beatiful smile in my face..thanked them and came out.

So friends,this was my interview experience,hope it will be helpful for you.It was cool dont worry...feel relaxed just focus on your hobbies and some banking thats enough.

Thank you Gr8Ambitionz.As i didnt went for any coaching i totally relied on you for my preparation and this is my 1st exam and 1st ever interview in my life.

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