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April 27, 2015

Yesterday's NICL Assistants Exam Questions and Reviews

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Evening Shift Questions shared by Amala R

General Awareness

  1. Shekel is the currency of which country?-israel
  2. Shillong is the capital of which indian state?-meghalya
  3. World heart day-sept 24
  4. UNIDO headquarters-vienna,austria
  5. "the test of my life",written by?optn sunil gavaskar,etc
  6. Hemanis national park at?
  7. A question related to movie.(which movie)?-optn queen,haider
  8. Minimum amt of deposit sukanya scheme
  9. Brand ambassador of betibacho
  10. Chairman of NITI ayog-PM Modi
  11. One questn from country capital(forgot the country)
  12. Brendon Mccullum played ICC for which country?-new zealand
  13. "green Park" stadium mostly using to play is at?
  14. A question related to NASA
Nearly 5 to 6 questions related to insurance.sorry not able to recollect the question(but it likes as follows:
  1. When  person life is insured then it is called as??
  2. Relating to vehicle


Comprehension-a king story-10quests
Jumbled sentence(5 sentence)-simple story-5 quests
  1. Tommy sat under a tree
  2. There was a box tied with hand kercief it was beside him
  3. On seeing the box,girls rushed from big house and asked tommy about box but he doesn't speak.
  4. "tommy,are you tired?",they asked.
  5. tommy said,yes i need to bring this box to the field.
Cloze test-10ques-a story

Spot the errors-5
fill the single space-5
find the inapporiate or misspelt word-5


  • 5 quests-puzzle (floor)
  • may be 5 quests-inequality
  • may be 5-syllogism(3-tricky)
  • 2-direction test
  • 5-seating(circle)
  • may be 5-based on character symbols series (eg. q 5 * H & # B...)
 i forgot rest


  • Data table-5
  • simplification- 10 -15
  • time and distance-1
  • time and work-1
  • simple int And compnd intrst-tricky
  • circle based on circumference( circle perimetr value given,there  is a circular path around this circle with 17.5m,then what is the perimeter of outer circle?)


  1. Minimum no. of rows and col created in ms word document
  2. Which of the following is function key?
  3. What is the name for starting stage of a computer before its turn on? optn warm boot,cool boot etc
  4. VSAT in a communication mode expansion
  5. 30,000bytes =??
  6. 1 million bytes =??
  7. Files stored in?
  8. Linux is an --- operating system
  9. Which of the following is not storage device? ans.printer
  10. Which is non volatile?
  11. Which of the following is not a network? optn. MAN,LAN,WAN,PAN
  12. A quest related to web page
  13. Email address are in?? lower case
forgot rest quests.

Morning Shift Review shared by Vivek Singla
hiiiii guyzzzzzzzzzzz dis is VIVEK SINGLA. here iam writing my review of NICL assistant exam held on 25th morning.

  • english was very easy.
  • Passage ,jumbled story (people of village works in different companies ...),fill in the blanks,10 close test(wolf and lamb),spelling errors,sentence error.
  • my attempt 30 .
  • easy
  • questions from currency,capital,cricket,filmfare awards,etc...
  • aprox 5 questions were from life insurance .I THINK HERE IAM LUCKY because my dad is in LIC so i attempt all insurance questions .
  • My attempt 38
  • very easy almost like IBPS po 4 .
  • my attempt 39.
  • easy
  • questions from direction,coding puzzle(5 floor,5 seating arrangement),inquility,syylogism.
  • my attempt 40
  • easy but time consuming.
  • simplification ,DI,series(2 easy),rest from si & ci,profit loss,average,ratio,etc....
  • My attempt 35.
    • My TOTAL ATTEMPT 182
Evening Shift Questions shared by Madhur Mehan
  1. One que abt ULIP
  2. Min face value of kisan vikas patra
  3. Min bal required for sukanya samridhi account
  4. Tiger woods related to which sport
  5. Sunny days- whose biography
  6. 2019 world cup venue
  7. Venue of fifa womens football world cup
  8. Currency of south africa
  9. Full form of slr
  10. Rise in growth of insurance sector in india at wat percent compared to 2003
  11. Limit of inflation to be contained in 2015.
  12. World earth day
  13. Court movie released in which languages
  14. Kathakali state??
  15. Iaea headquarters
  16. Abel prize related to??
  17. State with least literacy rate
  18. Railways signed agreement with?
  19. World press day?
  20. Unep headquaters ?
  21. Hulk insurance
  22. Tribal affairs minister
  23. Capital of spain
  24. Top country in silk production
  25. Madan mohan malviya work in which newspaper
  26. Recently a famous reporter died....he was reporter of which newspaper
  27. Tta institute location-
  28. Ecgc function
  29. First woman speaker of lok sabha-
  30. Rajiv gandhi thermal power plant knadwa state-
  31. Least literacy rate in which state according to census 2011?
  32. Dibang wildlife sanctuary state?
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