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April 21, 2015

Tricks to remember Countries and Capitals (Part - II)

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Hi friends this is Chithu. In my last post i shared some Tricks to remember Capitals of few Countries. Here is the Part II of that post. In this post, I am sharing tricks to remember capitals of few more countries. Lets us see

   Mind trick:: First 3 letters and 'Bel' and First 3 letters in other side 'Bru'
  So, Warden Rang the bel to go and drink the bru coffee in the hostel

   Mind Trick:: Sofia sounds like sofa
                      Bulgaria sounds like Bulk
So,I bought a Bulk sofa

   Mind Trick:: 'Mark the number 10 by using other's(CO) pen

   Mind trick:: Spell Finla as 'Finally'
                     People with bad deeds go to 'Hell' as it is Helsinki

   Mind trick:: Buda as Buddha
        So,Budhha is Hungry

   Mind trick:: Keep the ice in a TRAY that is (REY)

Latvia-- Riga
  Mind Trick:: first 3 letters of 'Lat' indicates singer lata mangeshkar 
                  She sings 'Sa Re Ga...'
So Ri gaaaaaa

  Mind trick:: 'Li' indiacates Bruclee...
                  He played a villian role in a movie
that is Vilnius

   Mind trick:: Nether sounds 'Neither'
                   So Neither Hack(HAGUE) our neighbours WI-FI

Poland-- Warsaw
  Mind trick:: U remember the movie 'Chennai express'..The code for the movie is
                  :"Ready Steady Poooo" Sharuk fought with thangabali in that is a War..
 Now 'Po' "war' --Warsaw

  Mind trick:: Roma always take 'rest'

Scotland-- Edinburgh
  Mind trick:: 'Scot' sounds like Scotch
                    Burgh Sounds like Burger
 Now drink Scotch and Eat burger ( Edinburgh)

  Mind trick:: He got a pain and got Mad

  Mind trick:: There was a stock of sweet jalebi
Sweden sounds like Sweet

Friends that's all for now...please memorize this and tell me your reviews

Combine my previous post and now and practice in total.. soon I will post remaining countries..thank u.

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