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April 14, 2015

Success Story of Somasundaran (IOB-Clerk)

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Hiii aspirants, Am Somasundaran from Tamil Nadu.. I would like to share my travel from REJECTED list TO SELECTED list :) Finished my engineering by 2011 and worked in a private concern for more than a year.Then by june 2014,Suddenly had sunrise in my mind,yes!! decided to aim for public sector (Though my parents told me to aim for pubic sector by 2011 itself). But dont know how to start.There came my friend Mr.vetrivel rajan (Clerk at South indian bank)..He used to motivate me and always he used to utter a mantra "". But i was very playful,without knowing the value,used to visit gr8ambitionz just for sake as he told to do so,its not an entertainment oriented site right :P     
Applied my first exam SBI clerk 2014.Actually i had severe GKphobia :D to be frank i havnt applied any exams after completing engineering just because of this GKphobia.SBI clerk exam was nearing.Became little serious,started uttering mantra called "gr8ambitionz" to get out of GKphobia.After eating so many capsules (GK capsules i mean,i understood why the name "capsule" came here :P ) prescribed by gr8ambitionz GKphobia was in control somehow..                                                      

The day came,Reached exam centre majestically as if am a damn sure exam craker :P.It was my first exam and that too in online,was hearing each and evry instructions carefuly.Finished my exam and came out with a mind voice "How could i finish 200 damn questions in jus 2.15hrs,are they kidding!!? (Later came to know the value of extra 15mins as for other exams its only 2hrs).Whats next then,applied and appeared for evry battle SIDBI,RBI clerk,IBPS PO. Failure failure failure!! though Updating GK became my habitual and got cured from GKphobia.

                 When i was about to frustrate Mr.Verti and one more friend Mr M Z Sameer Ahmed (Hard worker and aspirant,He was the one next to my parents who told me to prepare for exams in 2011 itself ) motivated me to the core.he told me analyse my mistakes.Then started to analyse my lags.Found that i was lagging in quans (maths was my best freind till college and now it became my best enemy :(( ) and my section attending order also had some chaos.Failure rate was high when i used to attend in this order-Reasoning,quans,gk, computer and english.since quans ate lot of time and affected other 3 sections also.And also i have not cared much cared about english which was a blunder.                                                 

Then decided to do some smart work.Pushed quans to last and tried in this order

  • Reasoning (as reasoning is my best friend i did first,used to do 35 to 40 questions)-->40-45mins
  • English (Since this section has to done seriously and time has to be allotted for reading carefully. Used to do 30 to 35)-->20mins
  • GK(30-35 ques)-->10mins
  • Computer(35-40 ques)-->10mins
  • Quans (I wud try my best to attend some 18-20 ques so that i wud clear sectional cutoff )-->35-40mins                                
Both no of attempts and accuracy increased.My first success came thru IBPS clerical.Yes!! i pinched myself,checked again and again.was happy as if i have grabbed a job despite of warning from my brain that there is a interview further :D Then this order of attending sections became my template.

                    I applied,applying this template for all exams till now. Success and failure pinged me hiiiiii alternatively. UIICL AO and NIACL AO was a failure while UIICL assistant and NIACL assistant was a success. Compromised myself that still a long way to go to crack PO level exams. Days passed,Finished my IBPS and UIICL interview.Finally it was april 1st 4:35pm when i came to know that i have been allotted for IOB. I heard Some heroic BGM behind.. :P

                   So my dear aspirants!! think as "even this guy have cleared why cant us?" believe in you, blend  smart work with hard work,push your weaker section to last as i did. Definitely u all can.Get ready for next exam cycle 2015.waiting for many success stories.

                   Here i would like to thank Gr8ambitionz, My parents (gave me moral support, I used to entertain and study only when ever i feel to do so but they never said anything,they dont even forced me to study ) and my friends (There were with me when ever i failed and were happy than how i was, for my success) and finally GOD.Thank you :)))))

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