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April 07, 2015

Success Story of Shrinkhla Prakash

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Hi would be bankers,
My name is Shrinkhla Prakash
Category OBC
  • Selected as PO in United Bank with 86 in written and 63 in interview (roll no 3130907442)
  • Selected as Assistant in PNB with 149 in written and 65 in interview (roll no 3150522037)
Always remember "nothing can stop you unless u allow someone to"

I am a semi qualified ca completed in 2010 but my ca final exams is still due.. I got beaten in 6 attempts of ca and afterwards i decided to switch to bank exams.. I decided in my mind to judge myself in this 1 year only unless i will go back again to that course...

I started my preparation in march 2014 and and it was really frustrating seeing my result as " we are sorry to inform u that"  aaah... I failed in 3 exams back to back... But from that i changed my strategy not to attempt more but to get the accuracy...

Tips to get selected:
  1. Always think of selection and not just to qualify written
  2. Don't bother about the seats becoz u only need that one seat
  3. Stuck to various facebook pages for current affairs
  4. Use mobile for discussing ga part and for various android apps for current affairs, computer 
  5. Daily speed tests.. Take speed tests as exams and ur exams will become like silly tests
  6. Allot time for each subjects and take some trial and error method that which subjects suits u best to do on first
  7. Avoid every type of tensions :P
  8. Enjoy studying, dont panic
Remember each failure makes u to be more better than real to ur preparation dont blame on reservation system becoz many are there being in reserved category and still getting selection in unreserved ones...

All d best... :-)

For any help, ask me on ( gmail and facebook)

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