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April 16, 2015

New Pattern of SBI PO Online Exam 2015 - An Analysis

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Friends, as a number of aspirants have been worrying about the changed / new pattern of SBI PO 2015, we've decided to shed some light on it. Let's see what are the real changes you are gonna face this time.

In our jamana (good olden days), we used to have Objective & Descriptive Tests for SBI PO. But this time, the SBI has came out with a new pattern... It has Prelims, It has Mains and of-course it has an Online Descriptive test...  Life is getting harder it seems ;)   right ?   

Let's have a closer look at these so called changes by comparing them with previous SBI Probationary officers Exams.

Preliminary (Phase I) Examination :

  • Previous SBI PO Exams : There was no preliminary exam.
  • SBI PO 2015 online exam : There is a preliminary exam which is of 100 marks. 
Seems we've got one thing to fear about... let's talk about this later.

Main Examination :

Exam Pattern :

  • Previous SBI PO Exams : Objective Tests for 200 marks and Descriptive Test for 50 marks
  • SBI PO 2015 Online Exam : Objective Tests for 200 marks and Descriptive Test for 50 marks

Section wise breakup

  • Test of English Language (Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension etc.)
    • Previous SBI PO Exams : 50 marks with same topics
    • SBI PO 2015 Online Eam : 50 marks with same topics
  • Test of General Awareness, Marketing & Computers
    • Previous SBI PO Exams : 50 marks with same topics
    • SBI PO 2015 Online Eam : 50 marks with same topics
  • Test of Data Analysis & Interpretation
    • Previous SBI PO Exams : 50 marks with same topics
    • SBI PO 2015 Online Eam : 50 marks with same topics
  • Test of Reasoning (High Level)
    • Previous SBI PO Exams : 50 marks with same topics
    • SBI PO 2015 Online Eam : 50 marks with same topics
Same to same ? Let's see the difference in Descriptive Exam. May be there is something new .... 
  • Previous SBI PO Exams : 1hr duration with 50 marks
  • SBI PO 2015 Online Eam : 1hr duration with 50 marks
Topics to cover
  • Previous SBI PO Exams : comprehension, short précis, letter writing &essay
  • SBI PO 2015 Online Eam : Letter Writing & Essay [This test will be online... You have to type in computer]
This time SBI has not mentioned anything about Comprehension and Précis writing. So possibly, they may not ask questions from these areas. But we suggest you to have a quick glance at them.

So finally, we have got two issues to worry about...  Phase I Exam and Descriptive Online Exam

Phase I Exam 


As you already know, this is also going to be online with 100 questions / 100 marks. Let's see the topics...
  • English Language : 30 Marks / 30 Questions (not new for you, because this is there in the main exam too)
  • Quantitative Aptitude : 35 Marks / 35 Questions (This is also not new, you will have to prepare this for your main exam)
  • Reasoning Ability : 35 Marks / 35 Questions (Of-course.. this is also same, this is also there in the main exam)
Nothing new to study... you will have to prepare same old subjects which you have been preparing since ages...

Important Points to know about Phase I (Preliminary) Exam :

  • Objective type test (online)
  • This will be of 100 Questions / 100 Marks. You will have to complete this in an hour. That means, on average, you will get 36 seconds to answer a question.
  • Difficulty Level : As this is the preliminary exam, obviously the difficulty level will be very low. 
  • As the time duration of Phase I is very low, they wont expect you to solve typical problems... and SBI is asking DI & High Level Reasoning in Phase II (Mains) exam, So you can expect questions from basics for Phase I.
  • Individual Cutoffs and other details :
    • Individual cutoffs will be there. SBI has clearly stated that it is going to pick 20 times (approx) of candidates compared to vacancies for the Phase II exam. So approx 40,000 people will get the chance to appear for the mains exam. 
    • You will be in safe zone if you can fetch 10 to 12 marks to get into Phase II, but please don't take chance... try to get at least 18 marks from each section.
    • Important Note : They wont consider your Phase I marks for your final selection. So don't be greedy. Once you complete 18 questions in one section, then immediately move on to the next (no matter how easier the remaining questions are). If you have time, then you can revisit the section later. 
Assume Like this : If you came to know that, some institute is conducting Free Online Grand Test, what will you do ? Wont you go and participate ? Ofcourse you will.. treat this as the same.

Just treat this as a warmup match before taking your Test :)

As we've stated above, the descriptive test will also be online this time. You will have to type a Letter and an Essay. They'll display topics with question choices, you will have to type the answer by mentioning the number of your choice question (i, ii or iii).

For many of us, it is not going to be difficult task as we all are got used to computer and keyboard and we can type our eyes closed :P

For those who feel they are not good at this can practice using MS Word (it will highlight the errors in red colored line. So that you can improve your accuracy). They are a number of free typing tools are available in internet. You can download one, if you feel you need it. But keep in mind, that they are not going to check your typing speed.. they will check only the content. So don't waste much time on typing practice... Just practice till you get good command over the keyboard.

So what's new in this ?
SBI is simply selling the old wine in new bottles !!! with some tricky technical names !!! :P

There will be NO Prelims.. NO Mains...  You just will have to attend a simple online test and later your actual exam followed by a mail to your friend who is illiterate enough to question you about the functions of SBI (letter to friend :P)

They are asking same topics which they asked in previous years' exams. You should not read any extra subject or any extra topic for this exam. All that you have to do is, to focus more on your preparation so that you can clear both the exams with flying colors :)

Important Point to keep in Mind : As the topics are same for both Phase I and Phase II exams, don't consider them as two different exams. Keep your target at 1st week of June. You should complete all your preparation by that time. (You can pay less attention on Current Affairs, Marketing & Computers, but don't completely neglect them. Later it may become burden for you)

Important Details about the Notification :

Important Dates :
  • Starting Date : 13th April 2015
  • Last Date : 2nd May 2015
  • Tentative Date of Phase I Exam : 3rd week of June 2015

Number of Attempts :
  • General - 4 Attempts
  • OBC - 7 Attempts
  • ST / SC - No restriction 
  • They won't consider your attempts before 18th April 2010.
  • They won't consider SBI Associates PO attempts.
  • They won't consider the attempt, in which you were unable to attend the exam.
Application Fee :
  • Rs. 100/- for SC / ST / PWD
  • Rs. 600/- for General and Others
  • Note :  You should pay the application fee through online mode only, by using debit card/ credit card/Internet Banking.
That's all for now friends... We're working on the detailed syllabus and study plan of SBI PO 2015. You will get them soon. Happy Reading :)

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