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April 09, 2015

My Journey from Failure to Success

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Hai Friends,

     I am Srinivas(Srini) from Kerala. I got selected as a clerk in Syndicate Bank in recently announced IBPS results. So thought of sharing my experience with you :)

A Flash Back

     I completed my B.Tech in the year 2013, with not so bad marks.:P Now naturally some will think..Ahh!!Another B.Tech guy has come!! But here I would like to take an anticipatory bail that I joined B.Tech only because I did not get admission in any good Arts & Science college:D..Thanks to my marks in 12th :P.. Eventhough, I studied B.Tech my inclination was always towards Public Sector right from my childhood, So I decided to write Bank exams, which is the King amongst Public sector job seekers.But to my badluck, I waited and waited but my final results did not come early and as a result I was not able to apply for IBPS PO and Clerk in 2013.
     You might have by now read many stories, in which people wrote many exams and improved step by step.But now I will guide you through how a person's confidence can be easily transformed to overconfidence and bring about his doom. Now finally by end of 2013, I was able to apply for IBPS SO exam and I confidently said to myself and others,that I will surely crack this exam. I decided to start my preparations, I simply bought a book, which had IBPS written on it..Practised some questions..No plan, no strategy, no rigorous preparation, no nothing..Finally I wrote the exam and confidently(rather overconfidently) said I will pass...Results came I missed cut off by 4 marks...Again I thought in my first attempt I reached so close, so next exam I will surely get..But I was unaware that the level of overconfidence was rising in me..Now for 2 months no preparations, only enjoyment.
     In April 2014 notification of SBI PO came..This time I declared that I did not get IBPS SO, bcoz of the book I bought and again bought a book with SBI PO written on it..See how overconfident I was!!!Again same story no serious preparations, no strategy..Result failed again...Then I wrote many exams SBI Clerk, Postal Asst., SBI SO, SIDBI AM...Result same failed...By now I people started to poke me with different comments..Some gave emotional atyachaars, while some gave criticisms...By now I also started feeling guilty about myself..Same story repeated for IBPS PO also...This time I felt really guilty after IBPS PO exam..Forget overconfidence, there was not a bit positive feeling left in me..An unprecedented fear gripped me..May be people are right, I am not good enough for this field..I was fully sad and dejected...

The Turnaround

     The turnaround in my life came by the end of October 2014..I know it was late..But Better be Late
than Never..This turnaround was of course catalysed by our beloved Shivani Mam :) I found Gr8AmbitionZ through a google search and this article written by Shivani Mam inspired me a lot..After reading it I felt like nothing is lost for me..I still have many exams to come and I can still clear them..It filled a new feeling of belief and confidence in me..and this time it was positive confidence and not overconfidence..

Days of Hardwork

     I made up my mind that this time I will surely clear IBPS Clerk and SO exams..Finally I opened the books which I bought, with a goal in my mind, and to my surprise I found that these were not the books which I had used during my past..They actually have useful material...This time I prepared a plan and strategy..I prepared a time table to study. I used to get up only at 7 a.m. but I started to study from 8 a.m. in shifts of 2 hours each..After each shift I used to enjoy for an hour..and after that again back to study.. I downloaded previous papers and practice papers from Gr8AmbitionZ and other sites in the internet..I used to do practice test in alternate days and tried to improve my accuracy, than no of attempts..My accuracy started with 80% and gradually increased upto 95%...
     Finally the day of Clerk exam came..I decided to stick my plan of clearing my weak sections and scoring in my strong sections and also to focus on accuracy than no of attempts..So I did less questions in QA(about 22), which was my weak part and more in others..As a result I was able to achieve a accuracy of about 98%(I attempted 165 in total and scored 161)..This time I was confident(not overconfident) about my results...Finally I cleared an exam..I was happy, but not overjoyed because I knew there was still interview to come..Again I collected materials for interview from our own Gr8AmbitionZ..and prepared well..mean while I prepared for SO Exam also..But to my badluck my Clerk interview and SO Exam were scheduled on the same day, so I missed a chance to write SO..But I attended clerk interview with confidence..To my surprise in interview I was mostly confronted with personal questions and I was able to answer confidently...

Wait..Wait..and Finally...

     Now wait for April 1st started..Normally in past I waited for this day to make others fool, but this time I waited for not to be a fool myself..Finally the day came and I got a good news that I was selected as clerk in Syndicate Bank..I was happy as this was my first of anykind of achievement in life..

A piece of advice

     Dear friends I know I am not eligible to give advices to you as myself was initially not serious enough.But the only advice which I would like to give is don't commit the mistake which I committed..Always believe in urself and practice hard..Never allow your confidence to turn into overconfidence..

A word of thanks

     Finally I would like to thank my parents and all my friends who stood by me during difficult times..A special thanks to those who criticized me..Eventhough initially I felt bad later I realised that that ignited a fire in me..A big thanks to Shivani Mam and this beautiful site Gr8AmbitionZ for changing my life...

Finally thank u friends for reading my long lecture :D Hope u are not bored :P


     Now some of you may think "Why is this person getting so excited? After all he has got only a clerical job!". But for me this clerical job is a tribute to all those who supported me,especially my parents, and an answer to all those who criticized me..I know that there are still may more heights to be scaled, but atleast now I have reached the base camp.

Once again thank you for reading my story with patience :)

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