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April 13, 2015

Mantras of my success- Hardwork, Self Belief, Optimism

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Hello friends,
          This is Vijay from Trichy in Tamilnadu. I am a silent reader of Gr8Ambitionz. Before I start my story, I have to say that I have to be grateful to Gr8Ambitionz team till my last breath for their help to kick start my career after a long long struggle. I had been really well in my academics but couldn't get an opportunity to start my career.

    10th- 88%,12th- 88.48%,BE(Aeronautical Engineering) in Chennai- 8.28/10, No history of arrears,Passed out in 2012,Ranked 27th in my University,Worked in a CAD training institute as a part-time instructor during my final year studies with the thought of gaining experience to start career after engineering. But end up in the list of jobless engineers.

     I had selected in a core company in Bangalore through On campus recruitment during my last semester, but they never called me after my graduation due to recession going on in their company by that time.

Job Quest   
     Then started roaming in the streets of Bangalore & ended up meeting only security in most companies & in rest of the company HR pupil said"Currently we ain't recruit freshers, we will let you know if we get any opening in future". Then I have started working as a full time Instructor in CAD institute in chennai with 8K salary & search job alternatively & talked more than 50 unknown person for reference. Their reply would be "I have forward your CV to HR Department already, wait for sometime". 

    My parent were giving my CV to everyone they know who are working in some concerns. But, Nothing worked out. Then I left my trainer job in 2013 & got into full time job quest.But that too end up in a complete failure. Then one of the bank manager (also an Engineer) who got my CV from my dad told to try writing Bank exams.

Banking aspirant
    I had started preparing for bank exams with full focus from June 2014 & I had left seeking my core jobs & 1st exam itself RBI Grade B officer. List of my failures in Bank exams,
RBI Grade B officer - 36/200 (Failed by 58 marks)
RBI Assistant - 117/200 (Failed by 33 marks)
SIDBI Grade A officer - Failed
After this only, I found out gr8ambitionz through google search...
IBPS PO - 71/200 (Failed by 9 marks)
LVB PO - Failed
IBPS Clerk - 129/200, 13/20 (Interview), Toal-64.60 (Indian Bank, Clerk){My 1st preference}
SBI Ass Clerk - Result awaiting
National Insurance assistant - Apr 25th
 Finally I got an opportunity to start my career & my parent,siblings & friends are very happy for me now..

Tricks to clear competitive exams:
1) Always back Yourself (Self Confidence)
2) Have clear strategy to manage time. This is my strategy after SIDBI exam,
    i) Computer-12 mins
   ii) General Awareness - 13 mins
  iii) English - 25 mins
  iv) Reasoning - 30 mins
   v) Quants - 40 mins
3) In computer & GA, answer if you know d ans & leave. So you won't waste any time in these.
4) Attend competitive exams like playing a T20 game, score fast during 1st 30 Mins & score steady in next 60 Mins & hit as hard as you can during last 30 Mins.
5) Fix target & focus on it.
6) Practice each topic till you get enough confident in that.
7) Emphasize more on strong section to score high & Learn easiest topic in weak section to clear cutoff
8) Have faith in God always.
  According to me, going for training institute is waste of money & time. Write only practice test in any training institute if available. We all have all the materials we need to crack these competitive exams & interview here in our gr8ambitionz, So utilize it properly with full of confidence. If you need any help or info, feel free to catch me at All the Best :) 

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