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April 15, 2015

Interview Experience of NIACL Assistant (April 15th)

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Hi guys, I'm Santhosh from Pondicherry. Today I've had my first interview experience with the government sector insurance company NIACL. I provide my experience below:

Venue : The Park Hotel, Chennai

Time : 1PM

First, I got inside and introduced myself. The chief interviewer asked about my family and stuff.

Then he asked few BASIC questions regarding insurance and IRDAI. Be careful in your answers friends. As one of my friends said, if you try to give high level and complicated answers, they'd go further deeper and make you perplexed. For basic questions answer in simple words and withhold some important stuff for further questions. This is one of the two mistakes done by me today. Keep it simple and meaningful. If you don't know the answer for sure, you rather acknowledge that you don't know the answer rather creating stories or framing your own definitions.

The second mistake I've done today is the revealing my passion for doing Civil Services. BE CAREFUL with this question friends. IF YOU WANT THE JOB SO BADLY, then forget about all the future career options you will think in your mind at that very time and answer accordingly. Your answer should make them satisfied that you'll never quit the company.

Questions asked to me:
  1. History, Chairman, recent global premium(16,000 cr), HQ, no. of offices, net profit, no. of countries having brances of NIACL ? 
  2. IRDAI insuring interest, basic principles of both IRDAI and NIACL(you can find that in their respective websites) ? 
  3. GK: Census 2011(largest state by area, largest state by population, NE states of India), Highest airport of India(Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport, Leh, J&K), Playground of Europe(Switzerland)
I've said the above suggestions based on my views. Please take it sportive.

Wishing you all for your exams and interviews friends. Peace Out...

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