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April 05, 2015

Don't give up, Give it your best - Aritra Basu

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Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom

Hi Friends I am Aritra from Kolkata. Graduated in 2012 and since then started working in Cognizant as a Software Developer in Kolkata the very same year. Time passed by but I felt that my inclination was somehow quite different from what I was doing then. Maybe my father is a Manager of SBI and his lifestyle started to attract me a bit too much. I decided to start my preparations and get into Banking during Mid 2013. Believe me guys before I started out many people asked me to join this and that institute but I strongly believe Institutional Guidance is a total waste of time in this generation of Internet and GOOGLE in Bold letters. I took a firm decision to keep myself away from institutes and strive towards collecting my own study material Online. Two very very big Contributors towards my Success has been Gr8AmbitionZ and Nirdeshak clubbed with some top notch youtube videos. Its not that I am posting my story with these guys thats why I am appreciating them its just pure truth that these guys did a simply commendable job in providing some mesmerizing materials and updates for every government exam coming around.

I started out with my first two exams RBI Assistant and PO III which was followed by SBI PO , RBI Officer and PO IV. Rbi Assistant missed out disastrous exam had to buckle up. PO III scored a 68 in written had to give a good interview. Somehow managed to do the same but sent to reserve list with 41.8 ctoff being 42.2 SBI PO and RBI Officer missed the final cutoff by 4 and 3 marks respectively. Finally came PO IV which had my written score as 87 and again required a fantastic interview. My stint with these exams had been this much.

31st March 2015, 7 : 28 P.M maybe I can recall it one day as one of my career defining moments where I found Reserve list of PO III got completely absorbed and I had been allocated to Indian Overseas Bank. I was extremely overjoyed. 1st April 2015, PO IV results out I managed a whooping 78 in Interview and got 50.2 and directly get allocated to United Bank Of India.

Working in IT for 2.5 years alongwith had only Evening and Night shifts to work with sleepless nights Frustating days and what not but just that one goal that no one can pull me out of this except myself drove me along. Every moment of hardship gave me that extra bit of energy to achieve my Goal. Now I have two jobs in hand and will shortly join any one of them. Whatever stress I may have to deal with but I still believe Happy days are back. Its not that hard friends. Dedicated practise just 3 to 4 hours a day and a regular habit of half an hour of General and Banking awareness is good enough to crack these. Most importantly give yourself time to prepare and don't allow institutes to have command on your practise time. Don't forget this Gr8AmbitionZ team will keep up their tremendous job of inspiring thousands in the years to come. Thanks Guys... Cheers !!!!!

My Strategy:
  1. Clear your concepts of Quant with the help of Bharat Gupta (Radix Institute) or     K Kundan of BSC has a facebook group with excellent files uploaded regarding     English, Reasoning, Quant and  Computer. 
  2. Download Gr8AmbitionZ General awareness material and Nirdeshak Monthly        Consolidated General Awareness and Banking Awareness Materials pdf and try     keep yourself updated for 7 months.
    Mock tests are a must just to analyse yourself which section can be prove to be a blessing in disguise during your exam. Set your timer and give as many as you can. Best of the lot : Mahendra's ST Portal. Cheap and effective.
All the very Best !!!!!!!!!!!

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