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April 17, 2015

Detailed Syllabus of SBI PO 2015 (based on New Pattern)

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Friends, in our previous post, we have discussed the detailed analysis of SBI PO 2015 Online Exam's new pattern. Today we are going to share the Detailed Syllabus of SBI PO 2015. Before going to check this syllabus, please read the analysis from here , so that you can get the basic idea on the new pattern.

Before going into details of SBI PO 2015 Online Exam's Syllabus, lets have a look at some Common Points to Note :
  • Prelims (Phase I) exam will be very easy when compared to Phase II. But that doesn't mean you can practice all  easier stuff now and keep the difficult stuff aside for Phase II exam. 
  • The exam pattern of Phase II will be completely same as that of Previous years' SBI PO Exams. So you should work with previous papers. 
  • Prepare as there is NO Phase I exam and you are directly writing SBI PO Final exam. 
  • Those people who have already appeared for IBPS and other banking exams, NO NEED TO join any coaching institute for the sake of this new pattern. Some Institutes have been misleading people by saying there are lot of changes in SBI PO 2015. But guys, EVERYTHING IS SAME except that extra warmup paper.. So don't fall prey to their words and waste your money.
  • Those aspirants who already have appeared for IBPS banking exams can continue the same preparation with same materials [Just try to figure out where you lost your marks in your previous exams]
Now let's have a look at the detailed syllabus of SBI PO Online Exam 2015

SBI PO Online Exam 2015 Syllabus (according to the New Pattern)

Quantitative Aptitude :

Both Paper I and Paper II of SBI PO 2015 have Quantitative Aptitude, but the pattern will be different for both the exams.
For Prelims / Phase I Exam : In  Paper I, you can expect questions from Simplifications, Number System, Averages, Ratio and Proportion, Percentages, Profit and Loss, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Time and Work, Time and Distance, Permutations and Combinations, Probability and Data Interpretation.
Difficulty Level : The difficulty level will be simple to medium. They wont go for the questions with the higher difficulty level.

For Mains / Phase II Exam : Obviously, in Paper II the questions will be completely based on Data Interpretation with Higher Difficulty level. The cutoff will be less, so you better focus on quality rather than quantity.

Important Points to Note :
  • Possibly, there will be NO questions from Data Interpretation in Phase I Exam. But we suggest to prepare DI too, as we can't predict the paper pattern. 
  • For DI, people blindly go with Data Interpretation practice tests provided by many books and websites, but that doesn't enough. SBI is so cunning, that they can turn any topic into data interpretation (in previous years they have asked DI questions from the topics like Simple and Compound Interest, Probability, Permutations and Combinations etc). So basics are very important to get good marks. 
  • You would work with Speed Calculating methods (check some shortcut methods to improve your calculation speed from here)

Reasoning :

The topics will be same for both SBI PO Prelims and Mains exams. But the difficulty level varies. So practice questions with higher difficulty level, so that it will be helpful for both prelims and mains.
For both Prelims and Mains :
  • Coding - Decoding, Blood Relations, Input & Output, Analogy and Series, Directions, Decision Making, Syllogisms, Critical Reasoning & Data Sufficiency and Seating Arrangement. 
  • In previous years' exams they have asked  5 questions from Input-Output, 5 questions from Coding-Decoding, 15 questions from Logical Reasoning, 10 - 15 questions from Puzzle / Seating Arrangements, 5 questions from Data Sufficiency, 5 questions from Directions, 5 questions from remaining basic stuff.
Important Points to Note :
  • You will get standard Reasoning stuff (almost similar to clerical level) in the Phase I Exam. 
  • In Phase II they mainly focus on Seating Arrangement.

English :

Here also the syllabus will be same for both SBI Prelims and Mains online exams. Only difficulty level varies. You can expect maximum questions from Grammar, Vocabulary and Comprehension. 

For Prelims / Phase I Exam : For prelims you can expect 5-10 Questions from Cloze Test, 5-10 from Reading Comprehension, 5 questions from Spotting the Errors,  5-10 from Sentence Re-arrangement, Completion and Improvement, 5 Questions from Fill in the banks. 

For Mains / Phase II Exam : You can expect 10 questions from Cloze test and 20 questions from Reading Comprehension. 5-10 questions from Spotting Errors, 5-10 from Sentence arrangement, completion and improvement. 5-10 questions from remaining regular stuff. 

Important Points to Note :
  • You should focus more on cloze test, spotting errors, sentence completion & improvement. 
  • You should get good grip on Grammar basics & Vocabulary. 
  •  Read daily news paper, play word games in internet. 
  • Improve your reading speed (Check some useful speed reading techniques from here)

Descriptive Test :

This will be the heart of SBI PO 2015 Exam. First practice all basic essays and letters of your schools and college text books. Pick a new topic from news paper and practice writing essays on it (you can exchange these essays among your friends / educative relatives and can ask them point out the  errors). Being a Probationary Officer in SBI, you will have to write letters to a number of people.  So, they will take letter writing very seriously. Practice both personal and official letters observing the main difference between them. NEVER use chat lingo (Dea, Buddy, Luv u, Neva, CU, BRB, Dis, Dat etc) in your essays and letters (either it is personal or official letter)

General Awareness :

In PO exams, SBI will mainly focus on Current Affairs rather than Banking Awareness. You should prepare Current Affairs of last 6 - 7 months. You should focus more on the areas Recent updates in Banking & Finance industry, Recent Summits & Conferences, People in News (Famous, Controversial & Dead), Books & Authors, Important Committees, Recent Awards and Sports updates etc.

Computers :

They wont expect to be expert in computers. Basic knowledge of computers is enough. You should prepare basics of Computer (What is what and Funcitonalities), Full forms, Evolution of Computers, Generations of computers, Recent updates in technology, MS Office (Focus more on Word and Excel).

Marketing :

This will be new for many banking aspirants as there is no marketing in IBPS and other competitive exams. But no need to worry, you can answer 10 to 15% of questions of SBI PO Marketing Section using your commonsense. You should prepare marketing basics like, Marketing Terminology, Definitions, Various types of marketing, New schemes in banking industry, difference between Selling and Marketing, Branding and Co-branding, Product Life Cycle, Punchlines of Banks and other important organizations, 7 P's of marketing, CRM concepts etc.

Important Downloads for SBI PO Online Exam 2015
Previous Papers 
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