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April 23, 2015

Chill !!!!! You can do it...

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Hiya everyone!!!
I m Ding Dong..This is not a success story and its certainly not bout making a study plan coz I m not a studious girl who can give u tips on how to study..But then I want to help u out abt the exam…that crucial 2 hours..

You get a cooling time of one hour for bank exams and 45 minutes for insurance exams before the real play begins.. Do utilize it…On ur rough paper divide ur time for each sections n write down ABCDE…{trust me…60% of the exams ll have questions from alphabets} if u r not so gud at byhearting stuffs like squares n all…u may write it down too

For most of the exams u get  2 120 minutes and the countdown starts from 120

120:  I m gud at reasoning so I always do reasoning at matter wat I ll do 30 questions in 25 minutes…
Note: don’t get stuck with puzzles and all..if u r dat confident go ahead else we ll deal with puzzles later.
95: Between reasoning and maths there shud a section to relax ur choose english or ga.. I prefer English.. In clerk exams I read the passage coz they are mostly stories…For PO exams I never read a passage ever..still I ll attempt synonyms etc type questions from passage…I give 20 minutes for English usually
75: QA..I dunno formulas and all so I always get time to do all I know..especially DI.. in 25 minutes I do minimum 25 questions
50:GA & comp…least time consuming..if u know the answer MARK else NEXT…that’s it
30: Cool..u have 30 minutes left to do ur puzzles and rest of QA..try out the series, missing number questions ..

This is how I write every exam.. I have got no idea whether u felt this post useful or not still..

Now the crucial part…INTERVIEW
For this I really workhard.. Most important thing is confidence.. Even if u don’t have it show them u got plenty of it. And never make the board run out of topics..make it a conversation.. u give little input they ll give double.. Trust me on this..coz my SBI asso PO interview lasted for 55 minutes.. ofcourse I was the last candidate that day :P

And put a little effort and learn bout everything around u.. Ur place..its culture.. ur family members detail.. famous personalities from ur area.. And ofcourse bout the bank.. u ll be fine.. Even if u felt screwed up at any point during the interview never go down..coz u still got time to get them back..SO everyone best wishes for all ur future endeavors

And lastly a tighttt hug to gr8ambtionz for helping me..
I have been shortlisted after interview for
  • Syndicate clerk
  • Syndicate manipal PO
  • SBI clerk
  • BOI IT officer
  • SBI asso PO
Thanks everyone!!!

Have a great day ahead:)

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