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March 21, 2015

RICEM Bank Assistants Exam 2015 Review

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Friends today I attended RICEM bank assistant exam. Here is my review. 

Name : Anonymous

Exam Date : 21st March 2015

Exam center : VIT, Jaipur

Shift : Morning

Total time : 135 min.

Attempts : 115

Rajasthan GK:-(moderate)
1.    Rani sati mela held at?
2.    Urs mela duration
3.    Education minister?
4.    Jawahar kala Kendra is situated in ?
5.    MP from rajasthan who was ex-DG of police?
6.    Tyre tube industry in?
7.    Maharana pratap was sworned ,where?
8.    Which of the following place in Bikaner?
9.    Hanumangarh in which division?
10.    Thermal power plant of raj?
11.    Which of the following power plant is situated in Baran?
12.    Who is famous for BLUE POTERY?
13.    Gulabo is related to which dance form?
14.    First governor of rajasthan?
15.    Meera bai related ques... She was Krishna bhakt...she was married to raja bhoj...she was rajput princess?
16.    Dhai Din Ka Jhopra is situated in?
17.    Maru festivel is celebrated in which district?
18.    Which Saur Vedhshala is preserved by UNESCO?

(Streams, trigonometry,pipe and cistern,S.I,Avg.,Age Based,partnership,mixture ,ratio)—1 ques.from all
        Rest were from simplification
Overall  time consuming

Circular arrangement-5,   series(alphabets,symbols,numbers)-5,  coding decoding-5, number ...spelling...greater less then(not >\ <...but in salary comparison)

Internet switching... print type landscape and portrait...1024 kb =...handheld computer...memory type...input output devices are called..bit is smallest...arrange m/c lng. according to their advancemet...etc etc.
Overall section was easy

Clerical apti:-(easiest section)
15 ques from name and address
3  ques from classification
3 from dictionary arrangement

Passage-5 ques.
Spotting error-5 ques
Sentence rearrangement-5 ques
Cloze test-5 ques

Friends overall paper was easy
IBPS aspirants can easily attempt 110-120

But try to attempt 5 sections in 70-80min...And rest time for maths bcz simplification ques were much time consuming....

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