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March 19, 2015

IBPS Specialist (Marketing) Officers Interview Experience

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Shared by Uttara Kuksal

Hi i attended IBPS Specialist Officer Interview on 17th March 2015, at Ahmedabad. The following is my exp.

my timing was at 8:30am. the document verification wud have started at around 9-9:30. there were 28 ppl in the morning session and 3 were absent. my number was 20 in the list. hence my interview was scheduled at the last stage, at arund 1 pm. there were 8 panelists, 7 M(males) and 1 F (female). When i entered the room, they were all very friendly and in a good mood. i took permission and entered and greeted them all. they told me to sit down and i thanked and sat.

M1: (smiling and laughing way) Uttara tumne graduation and post graduation kaha se kiya hai.

i answered. then he asked me more about my colleges as he was aware about them.

M2: marketing me bahar jana hoga, to kya tum kar paogi?

i answered ji sir main kar lungi, kyunki mera exp bhi uski field ka hai and muje koi bhi issues nahi hai.he signalled M3 to ask questions on marketing.

M3:( was a young guy, of my age approx, he asked me Marketing mix- in english) I explained him, he seemed satisfied. Then he asked wats your use in banking?? i answered, he seemed somewhat satisfied.

then M2: asked me again-markeitng kar logi naa..?? i said yes sir.

M4: then he asked me about Uttarakhand, i told he was satisfied and impressed.

M2: again asked that kaha se ho uttarakhand me, i said smilingly my exact native place.

M1: uttara, tumne 2 jobs ki hain,, vaha kyu choda..??? i answered- first job isliye cause i got a better offer and second job cause i wanted to prepare fully for banking exams, since from past 2 years i was trying and was just left behind the cutoff from 0.2/0.5 marks. he seemed satisfied and impressed.

then they said ok and thanku. i thanker them all and left. it lasted for maximum 10-12 minutes.Overall, my interview was gud, i found them good and friendly not of grilling types.

The key is not to fake, try to give genuine answers: they'll know easliy wen u lie. so be genuine.

i was smiling throughout and always spoke in a confident voice.

P.S.: there were ppl in my batch whose interview lasted for arund 15-20 minutes. so nothing can be said wat they are looking for. now lets hope for the best...!
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