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March 26, 2015

General Awareness Questions of Previous NICL AO Exams 2013 - Pdf Download

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Friends, we have been getting a number of requests asking the pattern of NICL AO (Administrative Officers Scale I) Exam 2015. Guys, the pattern will be almost similar to any Bank PO exam except the General Awareness section. Last time (for both NICL Exam and Re-Exams of the year 2013), they have asked maximum questions from General Knowledge instead of Current Affairs. 

For your easy understanding and to get the clear idea on the pattern of questions asking, here we are giving you the collection of General Awareness questions asked in Previous NICL AO Exams 2013 (both regular and re-exams). You can download pdf version of these questions from here. Please keep in mind that there is no need to mug up these questions as these questions wont repeat this time. These questions only give you a basic idea on the pattern of the exam. Happy Reading :)

NICL AO General Awareness Questions 2013

  1. 1st computer established where?
  2. 1st douronto train run between?
  3. 2000th test in between which countries?
  4. 3G full form
  5. According to a recent search, which is 3rd largest market for Twitter ?
  6. An animal which has no blood still respire?
  7. Animal with constant body temperature is called
  8. Asian Development Bank headquarter?
  9. Bayan is in which state ?
  10. Bhakhra dam on which river
  11. Book written by kamala das?
  12. Byte is the unit of.
  13. Centurian Bank is taken over by ?
  14. Coconut Triangle in which country?
  15. Coconut triangle is situated where?
  16. Decade of negative population growth ?
  17. Dengue is caused by which virus
  18. Depotism is possible where
  19. Distance of Stars measured in ?
  20. Diu is an island of-     daman
  21. Doctorine of lapse is related to ......Dalhousi
  22. English is made compulsory in our education system by whom?
  23. Fehrenhite and celcius same at which temperature
  24. Food poisoning is caused by which bacteria?
  25. Garibi unmolen in which 5 year plan
  26. Gold mine India in which place?
  27. Gold mines location?
  28. gold revolution is associated with which of the following..?
  29. Golden revolution refers to ?
  30. Govt of India decided to declare ____ river as  National River.
  31. Govt. Of world banned DDT , why?
  32. Highest asian GDP country ?
  33. Highest growing micro organism(bacteria,protozoa,algae,insects)
  34. HR Award 2012-
  35. Human body normal temperature
  36. IC is used in which generation bof computer...
  37. Illumination of light at south pole?
  38. In First five year which govt body established?
  39. In India forest is ….. % ?
  40. In union budget 2013-14, duty on ciggrate increase?
  41. In whic month, 80% of sugarcane is growing?
  42. In which legislative assembly in februry, 30 womens take oath first time..
  43. In whose peroidc, painting is on the height: jahangir
  44. India 2020 is written by?
  45. India and South korea recently signed agreement on ?
  46. India recently started to make 76 wire fence at which border ?
  47. Infra Loans given by which Bank ?
  48. Kala ajar spread by
  49. Kasab  -Operation X
  50. Krishna river dispute is between which states
  51. Krishna river water dispute related to which states ?
  52. Lalit kala acdamy chairman?
  53. Largest animal
  54. Largest river in peninsular region?
  55. Largest subsidy given by Govt to whichg imports ?
  56. Led pencil is having component of: graphite
  57. Light year is the unit of ?
  58. Location of a national park?(option are bihar,rajasthan,gujarat,assam)
  59. Loksabha speaker resignation-   President
  60. Nagaarjuna sagar dam on which rive ?
  61. Nagarjuna sagar dam is on which river
  62. National research center on plant bio is located at ?
  63. NDC is established on?
  64. Nepolian of india: samudragupta
  65. President of Ghana?
  66. Press freedom day
  67. Press freedom day ?
  68. Question about the inventor of Jet engine
  69. RaĂșl Castro   -Cuba president
  70. recently in assam a wire fence was contructed, tis forms as border between  india and which country..?
  71. Senthels defeated which britain officer in 1855
  72. Souring of milk is due to ?
  73. SRA is used in which food crops ?
  74. The most bacteria which farmers are worried
  75. the slogan, "applying thoughts" belongs to which company - wipro
  76. Uranium project started in which state ?
  77. Vedanta Aluminia is operating in which product ? (
  78. Velikonda hills  -A.p
  79. What is Kavery
  80. When CD rom is invented?
  81. where physical olympoid of 2011 held.?
  82. Which animal in Logo of wwf?
  83. which animal is affected by bird flu
  84. which bank has combined with the centurian bank
  85. Which company have tagline “ Thnik different “ ?
  86. Which component of carbon having 3 dimensional structure?
  87. Which is a food crop (Maize, Jute, ... )
  88. Which is primary component of natural gas ?
  89. which of the following abbrevation relates to food security (options were ASHA,WTO,etc)
  90. which of the following is a private bank (options were lik IDBI,Axis, UCO)
  91. which of the following is the term related with economics (answer was deflation)
  92. Which sikh guru called saccha padshah?
  93. which state is recently constructing project of uranium
  94. Who is present telecom minister ?
  95. who is the costume designer who got award recently and was in news recently
  96. Who made first calculator using cathod rays ? ( Correct me if I'm wrong in question )
  97. Why all the food-cans are made up of tin rather than zinc?
  98. World bank recently penalised india, for what reason..?
  99. World Trade Organizations are established in ?
  100. WRahmihir wrote a book "brihadsamhita", it is realated with?

Download NICL AO Previous Paper 2013 from here 

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Thanks to Avinava Basak, Saroj Akhouri, Swathi. V, Ahmad Nadeem, Shifali Duggal, Abdullah parvez and Ravi Shankar Reddy Guda for inputs

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