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February 19, 2015

SBI Associates PO Interview Experience shared by Annapurna (Bhubaneswar)


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Name : Annapurna Nayak

Qualification : B.Tech in CSE
Panel : 1

Venue : SBI Local Head Office,Bhubaneswar

Date : 18.02.2015

Friends, I want to share my GD and Interview experience with you all :)

I had to report at 8.00 Am . I reached there by 7.45 Am and Document verification started by 9'o clock and it was almost 10.00Am when verification finished. We are total 11-12 people. Then they took us to GD room. There were 4 Panel members(3 Male 1 female).Gd Topic was 'For development of Higher Education Privatization is Needed'.We were given 2minutes to think and write on the notepad given. Anyone can start at random and each person is given 2minutes.After each person has spoken there will be open discussion and you can add more points if you have. It was 10.30 by the time GD ended.

Immediately after GD interview was started. I was no.6 . My term came around 11.15 Am.

I asked 'May I come in'
They said 'Come in come in' . (All the interviewer are very cooperative and very polite and they always make you comfortable to say )
when I was walking towards them one of the Interviewer laughed and said' Ohh one more Engineer.... come come :P
He was the main Interviewer.. oldest among all of them... (M1)
they offered me seat and then the interview started....
M1: So you are working as a s/w engineer...
me: Yes Sir.
M1: Why do u want to join banking?
me: replied. I said usual points like job security,job satisfaction etc but everyone says these things... So these answers didn't seem like interesting things.So i said at this time the salary and perks i
ll get in bank is more than my current salary in IT company.
M1: But after some years you will be earning very high .
me: i tried to justify that money is not everything . Its own interest and satisfaction and said some more
M2: What is budget?
me: replied.
M2: Difference between budget and balance sheet.
me:  Sorry Sir, I dont know...i cudn't reply this question.
M2: Who is current world champion of Chess (I had wriiten Chess in Hobby)
M1: Immediately M1 asked wheather i have participated in state level Chess championship.
me: I said no and said some reason . I have won in my college.So i said that too.
Again M2: What is disinvestment?
me: replied
Now M3: asked 3-4 questions related to the MNC I am working in.
me: replied all and he was happy. M1 was impressed and said good :)
F1: asked me Why did you do B.Tech if your interest was in Banking.
me: replied
F1: If we select you, then how it will be benefited for us.
me: replied. They were quiet happy with my answer.
F1: what was yesterday? There was something famous.
me: Mahashivaratri
F1: She happily asked did u go to temple and there was a casual talk about shiva temple in that locality.
F1: Have you ever been to Lingaraj Temple.(Its one of the famous tample in Odisha)
me: yes mam, once.
F1:Who built it?
me: Jajati Keshari
F1: Okkk.. who are the others involved.
me: Mam I dont have idea on this.As much i know it is Jajati Keshari
M1: Ok. You can leave.

Everyone was very co-operaive and will ask you very politelly that all your fear and nervousness will automatically disappear. For me it was really a good experience. :)

Thank You.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the information...All the best..

  2. Are kisika new india assurance company ao interview hai kya please reply

  3. hai,whats d answer fa why did u do btech if u hav intrst in banking??

  4. Hi gautam good afternoon

  5. Sir kbps clerk 4 ke written marks kab show honge

  6. Hi there. first of all congratulations. I want to ask something..what are the points we skip in the biodata? I am really confused regarding biodata.

  7. I said its safe from carrier prospective. There is a high chance of getting a job just after completing B.Tech which is not same in the case if you study in other general graduation streams.

  8. THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND ALL THE BEST ....................

  9. bhopal ka bhi review dedo koi

  10. thanks for sharing and all the best

  11. Hello friends, I am Hemant Kumar
    I m sharing my Ibps clk which was held at Chandigarh sec 17 pnb
    circle office on 14 Feb.

    I reached at 8:30 and we were allow in at 8:45. They give us white paper to write some any topic
    in Punjabi language

    I wrote my introduction. My number was 13th in that panel. Around 12pm my turn came
    I was little nervous in my panel

    There were m1 m2 MP3 m4 f1 total 5


    now my turn came
    me : may I come in

    m1 : aao hemant ji kesse ho
    me: I m f9 sir

    m1: aapki tehsil thanesar hai
    me: yes sir

    m1 : to ise thanesar kyu bolte hai
    me: sir ye kurukshetra ka purana name hai

    m2: OK aapne MBA kiya hua hai marketing se
    me: yes sir

    m1: to banking me marketing ka kya use hai
    me: explained

    m1: what is sales promotion
    me: explained

    m2: what is kyc
    me: explained

    f1: tmara bank me account hai
    me: yes mam

    f1: rtgs n neft krvai hai kbi
    me: no mam but I know what is this

    f1: OK tell me the difference between them
    me: explained

    f1: very good
    me: thanku mam

    M3: who regulate banking sector ,insurance sector,stock exchange ,rrb,tele communication
    me: tell about every thing but about telecommunication I forget and told them I can't recollect right now

    Then m2 told try kro beta then I remember ki sir trai krta hai regulate

    M3: good

    m4 : OK hemant ji u r from kurukshetra vha pe ek bhut etihasik yudh hua tha
    me: yes sir mahabhart ka

    m4: kis kis ke bich hua tha
    me: kaurv or pandavo ke bich a

    And then some qstns was about family

    Then they wish me good luck hemant ji

    me: thanks sirs n mam for this opportunity

    I was smiling during my all interview and this was awesome

  12. hey nice interview..what did u answer for the question why did you do btech if your interest was in banking??

  13. Hi Annapurna,

    What was your marks in written exam

  14. Written marks is not yet out


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