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February 22, 2015

SBI Associates PO GD & Interview Experience shared by Priya (Chennai)


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Name : Priya

Qualification : BE

Venue : SBLC Chennai

Panel : 1

Category : OBC

Interview Date : 21st February 2015

Time : 11 AM

Verification started from 10.30 and ended by 1. dey gave free lunch for us.

then we went to the gd ​room by 2.30

topic:will setting up of more banks solve the financial problems of the country's population.

4 male nd 1female

me: may i come in sir?
mam: yes please.
wished them and sat.

ch:wer do u hav ur sb accnt?
mam: of course in pnb (laughing) (my dad is a cashier in pnb)
m1: wat is dat watching innovative ideas( my hobies)
me: making of atm, automation of industries etc...
m1:tell me abt atm
me: sir, shld i say making or workin of atm?
m1: smiling fantastic say both
me: wen we insert the card the scanner wil get our details nd the microprocessor will verify our details with the existing details nd oly den ask us further input, den  said abt transactions process.
m1: where did u see all those
me: in discovery channel sir
mam: what inspired u into banking?
me:decades back everyone will have respect for an engineer or doctor bt now everyone r engineers nd the profession has lost its shine now, bt banking is still earning the same respect.
(dey were impressed)
ch:why are people respecting banks?
me: because of its stability, sir. wen der was insolvency of banks in US we were stabilised nd also in a position of expanding with profits.bcas our banks r nationalised nd in US banks were private nd in the process of seeing more profits dey gave loans to incredible persons nd dey defaulted the banks. so the trust people hav in our banks hav nt reduced still.
m3: said good good nd thanks for the trust we have on them :)
m1: der s a name for dat pblm in US
me: sub prime crisis
ch:in india also der is npa in banks
me:dats bcas of corporates nd education loans sir
ch: so sub-prime corporate crisis(smiling) why r corporates nt paying their interest
me: industries in starting were showing profits nd banks started giving dem loans  to encourage dem, but in long term dey started to cheat banks(remembered an incident my dad told) wen tirupur t-shirt companies were making losses one such company had defaulted nearly 2 cr nd the bank manager warned him that his photo wil cum in newspaper as wilful defaulters but the man said"wait mam, wat u hav is black nd white photo let me gve u a color photo:) everyone started laughing heartily nd from here on it was like a casual talk.
ch: so wat can we do to make dem pay the money
me:hav to enforce strict laws nd regulations sir
ch:till dat wat can we do( i was confused wat to say)
m1: he is asking u the laws already existing
me: sarfaesi act sir
m1: expand it
me: told but chairman insisted me to say again nd said dat the first  A  is for "as said" nd nt and
ch:if der is sarfaesi den why cant we get the money back
me: sir accdng to dat act if the industry is nt paying interest for continuosly ninety days oly we can seize deir properties bt dey wil pay for 30 days den leave it nd again wil pay it b4 90 days.
mam:she knows the secret of banks: she is dangerous:) (everyone laughing)is it good to recruit u r nt?
me: smiling mam advantage oly, if smne is trying to default i wil tell u immediately nd u can catch hold of him( evry1 laugh)
ch:do u knw the name of the t-shirt company
me: no sir my dad did nt tell me
mam: if he tells u wil leak it to everybody nd he wil get caught right, dats y he did nt say u
m4: wat is non corporate barwill?
me:sry sir dis s the first time i am hearing dis
ch: wat is gdp
me :told
ch: smiling  so u mean 2 bike plus 2 cars like dat
me: no sir, the amount which the finished goods can be sold in the market
m4: for what period
me: 1 year sir
ch; did ur dad tell u abt the npa in sbi
me: no sir
ch: he might hav wanted u to get hold of the people by urselves right?
me: smiling
den said its good nd u can go now. thanked dem nd came out.:)
overall the interview was in a very friendly manner.

NOTE : while filling the biodata 2nd page , in subjects studied column dont write ur discipline write any 1 well known subject by you.dey will make u write one subject in dat column.dey wil ask u ques from those my panel dey asked abt specific gravity nd all those basic things nd frm the gd we spoke.

mrng gd topic: corrupt nd efficient officials r ineffecient nd honest officials.

all the best for people who r yet to attend the interview :):)

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  1. Hey priya,, what we have to write in Marks Category.. inter as per marks and certificate two columns... same we have to write in both?

  2. Veru gud interview priya... All de best...

  3. how did you prepare for descriptive test priya??

  4. is there will be sbi po vacancies in 2015 ?

  5. i think, the SARFAESI Act provides 60 days and not 90 days to the borrower to repay

  6. Excellen xp , thanks for sharing it in a beautiful manner

  7. no..due date +90 days.

  8. its excellent...all the vry best priya.!!!!

  9. you have really rocked..:) best of luck

  10. can anyone give me the link of sbi bio data form.some of have 10 pages some of have 5 pages which one i have to take

  11. jus write in any one column dat wil do

  12. frm hindu paper learn page 8 nd 9 daily :)

  13. please provide me gd site

  14. self attested or gazetted attested?

  15. Hey they provide traavel allowance right . Do v need to book return ticket to get the return travel allowance?

  16. I do read but forget in exam :(

  17. All the very best.. u are almost selected

  18. Your interview is excellent.. Hope for the Best :)

  19. s of course, oly wen u give the photocopy dey wil giv u money

  20. does they will pay on eticket also


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