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February 21, 2015

SBI Associates PO GD & Interview Experience 2015


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Name : Abinash Singh

Place : SBI LHO, New Delhi

Date : 20/02/2015

Reporting time : 11:00 AM

Hi friends sharing my experience of GD&PI of SBI associates PO.

This was my first GD, so I was nervous, I reached the venue before time.

I find candidates from my panel and we starts talking, all were nervous.

Then Verification, it was the toughest one as they takes their time and do things slowly. For 12 candidate it takes more then two and half hour. After that we
have asked to be prepared for GD.

4 panel members were there. They told us rules and give us a topic "Should India cut its defense expenditure and increase development expenditure of ours".
All have to speak serial wise mine was 6. GD was very good as I think, but when 2nd round started all starts interrupting each other. Panel asks us not to make it Bihar vidhan sabha. :-P
After that they provide us lunch.

Then it was the time for PI
May I come in sir?
Yes come in. I said thank you. I greeted them.
Have a seat , thank you sir
Ekdm free ho jaao aap.
M1-So Mr kumar Ur hobby is watching si-fi movie. Tell me about last movie you have watched.
Me- Divergent
M1- tell me about this movie.
Me- started my things,
M1- Now i know Why Jeetam ram manjhi is divergent. :P
Me-don’t know what to say be managed to say Sir, I cant say.
M1- manjhi told that he want to develop mahadalit but all other don’t want this so he is divergent?
Me- Sir he is the CM of bihar, for all caste community so he should think about all people not only mahadalit, (I think that time I have to clear that I am not supporter of anyone) so, I told them that
mahadalit word was started by nitish kumar and now it is used by manjhi.
I don’t know what he was thinking but he was satisfied
M1- So some ratio type things are in banks so tell me about it SLR and CRR
Me-told him
M1-NDTL it’s a tv channel?
He was just asking a question from my answers and when I started to give answers he starts again with a question. He asked more then 10
question from my answers.
Now asked some question on peace I didn’t hear that thing before I said him sorry.
M2- so you are from Bihar, Pappu yadav ka naam suna hai?
Me-ya he is an MP of RJD
M2- he is from your native place?
Me- No sir he is from another place.
M2- Distance kitta hai?
Me- 200 KM
M2- MP name from your native place, and his party?
Me-told him
M2- Tell me about Bhudan andolan.
Me- I told him all the things but forgot the name who started this.
Now the lady, I think she was from history side
M3- So Mr Kumar tell me about NATO,EU and why it formed?
Me- told her
M3- u have use a word NAM in your GD tell me about that.
Me-Told all about that. It was started by Pandit JLN,Marsal tito and president of Egypt.
M3-aap eknaam bata rhe and ek desh ya toh naam btaiye ya desh.
Me- I forgot name of leader from Egypt.
M3-Word war, Who participated from both side? Alliance ? asked a lot question.
(I start thinking that I am giving IAS interview and my subject is history)
M3- Pound, euro, Dollar and gold rate?
Me-I tell her but not exactly as I told, Pound  is 100+, euro is 90+ and dollar is 62+
Gold is 27000+
M3- tab banking pata hai?
Me-told her
M3- if u have to do this, will you be comfortable?
Me- Yes mam
M3- aapne kya taiyari ki hai ?
Me- go through content of Sbi
M3- sbi ki kitti website hai?
Me- two
M3- what you find at webpage
Me- told her
Me-18000,but not sure .
M3- all employees?
Me- 222000 k aprox
M3- some mahdev mandir in Nepal?
Me- pasupatinath mandir
M4-Tell me member of bricks
Me-I told him
Me-forgot the capital of brazil and Russia 
M4-Tell me 5 eng newspapers name?
Me- told him
M1 say thank you Mr kumar you may go.
I said thank you to all of them
Don’t know how they rate me but mine interview was the longest one.
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  1. i did not submitted experience certificate in ibps clerk interview will they reject me?

  2. i did not submitted experience certificate in ibps clerk interview will they reject me?

    and in interview he writtend that i am not submitted

  3. but they allowed you to take interview so you wont be rejected. if you get selected you have to show them at the time of joining i guess

  4. Not to worry as if they allowed you u in PI .then not need to think more.

  5. bhai kon sa panel hai. mera 4th panel hai 24th ko

  6. Pls tell character certificate of two different organization like one from bank and other from gazetted officer is acceptable or not???

  7. plz tel me.wt to write in column they given two rows for 12th std.can i write d same information for both d rows.plz reply

  8. same doubt.. anyone answer?

  9. today one friend who attended the GD&PI told me.leave one it blank.if they ask to write anything.on the spot write there itself

  10. can u give me the link of sbi bio data form.some have 10 pages some have 5 pages which one i have to take


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