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February 21, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Anupam (Lucknow)

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Name : Anupam Singh

Date : 20/02/15

Venue : JBR Grand Hotel, Lucknow

I reached center on time. We were waiting in batches for document verification.

They provided us a paper to write any topic in Hindi in maximum 100 words. I wrote about International Social Justice Day, which was the day of my interview.

On my turn, the Document verification guys there told me that I did not signature part on my application form. I had to go all the way back home and get a print again. Please remember to carry fully
printed documents.

After the verification, I was called in waiting corridor to wait for my call for interview.

The bell rang. I went in. It was pretty weird sitting linear sitting arrangement I’ve ever seen in any interview. I reached to the chair, and before I could wish the board, One of them asked me my name.
IO 1: What is your name Mr. Anupam Singh?
Me : Sir, Anupam Singh 
IO 2: So tell me Anupam, Where do you come from?
Me: Replied.
IO 2: So what have you been doing after your graduation?
Me: Told them about my work experience.
IO 2: So Anupam, Can you tell me what is HNI?
Me: Sir, I do not know.
IO 1: Have you ever been to any foreign bank’s branch?
Me : No, sir.
IO 1: Have you ever been to any PSB in metro city?
Me: Yes, sir.
IO 1: So, what is that area where only few customers are allowed?
Me: Oh, sir that is for few customers only. I think that is for High Net-Worth Individuals.
IO 2: So , you do know, what is HNI. Why did not you tell us?
Me : Sir, I was not sure.
IO 1: Okay, alright.
IO 3: So, can you tell me who is president of America.
Me : Sir, that is Obama. Barack Obama. Mr. Barack Hussain Obama.
IO 3: Nice, you made it pretty short :D  Can you tell me what
statement he made yesterday and about what?
Me : Explained
IO 2: Mr. Anupam. You are here for clerical grade, But I think one day you could be a branch manager. Tell me what would you do then? How would you manage your branch?
Me : Sir, I would work hard to get more sales.
IO 2: How would you do that?
Me : Sir, I would just work hard and motivate my team to do same.
IO 2: Do you think hardwork would get the job done?
Me : It always gets the job done sir. It just might take a bit more time. I would prefer to do some smart work too, to save money, time and resource.
IO 2: Give me an example.
Me : Explained briefly.
IO 4: Okay, Anupam. Tell me about banking.
Me : Explained basic definition of bank.
IO 4: What are functions of bank?
Me : Taking deposits, Granting loan, advances Etc.
IO 4: What is this Etc? Anything else?
Me : Ummmmmmmmmmmmm ( I was so angry at myself, that I could not remember that easiest part I memorised for so long) Sorry sir, I cannot recollect it at the moment.
IO 4: Alright ( Smiling). Okay, it happens.
IO 5 : Pichli job me salary kitni thi? (of course that was a lady Interviewing Officer)
Me : Replied.
IO 5: Yaha kitna milega, pata hai?
Me: Sorry madam, I’ve got no idea.
IO 5: last job kyu quit ki?
Me: For better opportunities.
IO 5: There is an article about KCC in todays Newspaper, what is it?
Me : Explained about KCC, and said that I could not read todays newspaper.
IO 5: Okay. Alright. Thank you.
IO 2,3,4: Okay Mr. Anupam Singh. Thank you.
Me: Thank you sir. ( I was still not leaving, idk why)
IO 1: Thank you Anupam, You may go now.
Me: Thank you Sir. And I left the room.

For technical background students, Please brush up your basics, They would only ask basic questions, definitions and functions. And they might also ask about current affairs.

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