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February 10, 2015

IBPS Clerks IV Interview Experience shared by Rajasekaran (Chennai)


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Hi Friends, here I am sharing my experience. Hope it will be helpful for those aspirants who are going to attend the interviews in coming days

Name : Rajasekaran. A

Interview Date : 9th Feb 2015

Venue : IOB, Anna salai – Chennai

Panel no : III

Time : 1.00

I reached the venue at 12.00 pm , in waiting hall there are no of students with their parents , at the time they says that till the morning session is not completed please wait we will inform you.
At 12.45 they start calling panel wise, they called all the but not mine I was tensed, after 1.15 pm they called my panel members. I thought that why my panel is so late did they asking many questions OMG J.

In my panel totally 25 members out of that 3 are absent , they stared to call some names which contains first 10 members after that one honorable staff came and said the person who are all not taken your lunch pleas go and take it in canteen I will wait for u till 4.00 , this is the maximum I can do you peoples .

They asked is everyone is good at your mother tongue (Both read and write ) 3 members raised and said that their mother tongue is tamil but they don’t know to write, they ask them to come separately  I don’t know what happen there ..

At 2.00 they served tea with biscuits for all candidates everyone had it :)

I am was the 15th member of the panel , they start sending to interview by the list which was available with them , first they calling 5 members for document verification and make them sit in a row while document verification itself they giving one piece of paper and said to write 5 lines  in your mother tongue.

I am sitting in a row , my time came (4.05) at that time they take tea break and came after half an hour My heart was betting fastly and my lips are saying that my name is ….:)

The buzzer sound

Me : May I come in sir :)  (They are 4 members inside the interview room , one member is a lady )
M1 : yes pls
Me : I greeted to all of them with smile good evening sirs and Good evening mam
M1: he ask me to sit
Me : Thank you sir
M2: so Rajasekaran you completed your education at 2010 , what are you doing these days ?
Me : working in Xyz company
M2: What is u r role and responsibility there ?
Me: Explained
M1 : interrupted and said  what’s your salary
Me : I said 7000 ( originally 14000, u liar :) )
M1: so what is reason for your change ?
Me : My project was Ramp down that’s why (I not completed suddenly M3 interrupted  and asked )
M2 : what is the diff between cost accounting and Management accounting
Me : I said few points but it seems that they not convinced L
M2 : How many subject u studied in your college ?
Me : I said 31 + 2 project (1 summer and main project ) suddenly  lady interrupted
M3 : What is environmental studies ?
Me : Explained
M3 : what do you mean by consumer in environmental studies ?
Me : sorry mam I unable to recollect it now L
M3 : what is your favorite subject Marketing ? what to u mean marketing  and explain PLC (Product Life Cycle )
Me : Explained
M3: she is happy now :)
M1 : asked me to read a newspaper which was on the table before them to test the local language (Tamil )
Me : I picked the paper which was right side full of tender and notice left side there is one column I read that which was about suicide of the 2 school girls
After I read it they all laughed I shocked why they are laughing did I read something wrong
M1 : said don’t read suicide case and all yeah
Me : :)
M4: Explain about ombudsman ?
Me : Explained
M1 : okay  you can leave for the day :)
Me : Thanked all peoples with smile :)

This is different interview for me and it was the good one too, most questions are asked in local language only  (Tamil )

The time taken for the interview is almost 20 min

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  1. ☺☺αηנαℓι ☺☺February 10, 2015 at 2:05 PM

    all the best

  2. can anyone explain about ombudsman..?

  3. After reading everyone's experience.. It seems everyone has decent interview and only test no. And luck factor will matter to get job ;)

  4. it a scheme.under which we can register our complaint if any against the bank..but
    1) we can not directly approach ombudsman before first telling ur problem to the bank in written and appeal for satisfactory reply..if bank listen and solve it,then ok...if not..then only u can approach ombudsman...
    2) ombudsman do not listen to the complaint if it was solve once before
    3) ombudsman is just a inter mediator to reach them a agreement between both bank and complainer..
    4) no matter,how u loose ur profit,,,ombudsman will help u to get only upto 10 lakh....

  5. Nabha district patiala.. Sunea kade? Attempt kine c tuhade

  6. Shukr aa... Angreji ch vaise he hath tight ha :)

  7. Harae... take lcm.. so 60 will come.. then, 30 is 2 times of 60 , so multiply 1 with 2 so you get 2 and 20 will come 3 times in 60, so multiply 3 with 1 and u get 3 so now 2+3/60 which gives 5/60 = 1/12

  8. angreji ch dilo gl ni keh hundi..apnapan ja ni lya hunda..galat nature smjh lenda smane wala

  9. Ena kuj common h apne ch ta no. Of attempts v almost same he honge :D

  10. oh thank u 4 ur reply.basicly i am frm ap.i knw kanada bt wrtng means sme mistaks vl b dne.if i wrte 2 to 3 lines in kannada is it k for them r nt pls tel me.i am fuly tnsnd.

  11. han han jarur....see u in bank :)

  12. types of deposit in banks?

  13. role of clerk in bank?

  14. Ok.. thanks for that.

  15. တမန္ေတာ္ တမန္ေတာ္itsmedebrajFebruary 10, 2015 at 4:35 PM

    Why should i give affidavit? i have the original marksheet to show... it was by mistake that this error occured... what is the use of affidavit here?

  16. They are asking only 5 to 6 lines...Practice now is almost same as telugu..i learnt it 3 god's grace i guessed it before itself..that's why i went with a little practice, helped a lot..

  17. waaoooo dearrrr, ur intervw ws reallyy a superbb :) m sure dey ll selct u.... my prblm is i get nervous :( n last time d overoll cutoff went bw 79-60... i think dis tim it ll b bw 85- 70.... as written cutoff is high dan last year

  18. oh thank u. hw much time they vl prvd us to wrte dat topic.can u tel me wr u learnt that topics.r u b.tch studnt.wont they askd why u apld to karnataka nd as a btch studnt y u chose this bnkng sctr.hey pls rep me as early as posbl pls. tel me abt whch certfts are takn alng with u

  19. not women any one member from a bpl family.

  20. Thanx..
    I had back log in my dgree but now its cleard. Wat shud v say if dey ask abt the reason for back log

  21. I didn do my interview well thy asked 9 questions I could and only for 5 will thy fail me what are the chances of marks in interview

  22. if you said dont know for the questions which you dont know then no problem

    any how if u did well for rest of the questions and if u are cordial they will give more than average and also this time it depends on written score

    if u score is good and interview is average chances are in ur side
    no good score and interview is excellent then also 50/50
    hope wait for the result

    just now we can justify now now for 70/30are there in your side

  23. Thank u for tn 104 s cut off what s safer mark any idea

  24. go with10-15 addition this year as you might have seen 20 marks addition in PO
    hope for the best
    wait for the result
    buddha bless you

  25.'s simple ...Strength*time/work equating on both sides.(16*25*8)/52 = (64*X*10)/ work done is building the wall of length.

  26. A completed 3/4 th of work in 30 days...which means ....a whole work completed by A is 30*4/3= 40 days..whereas B to complete whole work= 3/2 * 20= 30 days....If they work together =>1/40 + 1/30 = 120/7 days which is 17 days

  27. actually it's 4/60 which is the value of 2A...So A is 1/30

  28. Venkateswara Sarma KFebruary 18, 2015 at 2:07 AM

    I don't know if it's correct, but i think it's 8.4 days. From above question, 12 men and 16 boys-5 days,13 men and 24 boys in 4 days. So see the means 1 men and 8 boys added can finish the work in one lesser day, So when 5 men and 40 boys added 5 lesser can be completed, so equate 5 men 40 boys with 12 men 16 boys...7 men strength= 24 boys strength...7 men and 10 boys=34 boys to do work. 12 men strength= 41 boys strength(7 men=24 boys strength) which implies 57 boys can do work in 5 34 days can do work in 8.4 days. Verify the answer

  29. A can complete 1/25th work in one day...B can complete 1/20th work in one day. Add...1/25 + 1/20 = 100/9 = 11.1 days. When together. After working together for 5 days...(1/25)*5 + (1/20)*5 = .45...Remaining .55 work to be completed by B...B can complete 1 work in 20 days...therefore .55 work completed in .55*20 = 11 days

  30. 82.5 days for balijit.....Ratio of ajit to balijit 2/3....and diljit to baljit is 5/4 therefore.....(1/(2x/3)) + (1/x)+ (1/(5x/4)) = 1/20 ...find x...and baljit takes 5x/4 days to do all work by himself

  31. Venkateswara Sarma kFebruary 18, 2015 at 2:52 AM

    82.5 days

  32. I didn't do my interview well I have answered 5questions out of 8 will thy fail me in interview atleast won't thy give 10 out of 20 any idea ??? M so scared

  33. if u r quite cordial with them as per your justification they will give you 14-16
    but quite in rare cases they will fail if the candidate is arrogant and not behaving properly then the chances are negative in your case don't worry believe in god hope for the best...

  34. Thanks a lot ..any idea regarding south Indian recruitment vacanices for obc in tn

  35. nice work ...really quite helpful to students... thanks a lot :)

  36. super mam.... thank u.. you're helping others without any intention n expectation.. salute

  37. Akasapu Bala GaneshMarch 3, 2015 at 6:23 PM

    All these are easy questions please post tough


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